Dihua Street 迪化街 @ Dadaocheng 大稻埕 , Taipei ~ Giveaway!

Dadaocheng 大稻埕, an area in Datong District 大同区 , Taipei, Taiwan which was once the most prosperous area in the 19th century. Dadaocheng and the neighboring Wanhua district were the heart of commercial activity such as tea, cotton and silk textiles in Taiwan in the 1800s. Dihua Street 迪化街, a charming little street at Dadaocheng and it is also one […]

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Marco Creative Cuisine @ One Utama Shopping Centre

Serial entrepreneur is a person who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses. In F&B scene, it aptly describe Chef Daren Leong who started Miam Miam and then Franco before moving on to Marco Creative Cuisine. His personal motto “Malaysia deserves better!” is driving his relentless pursuit for higher food standard.   Chef Daren Leong, the maestro […]

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Yen Can Cook: Papaya White Fungus Soup

Many will misunderstanding that I’m going to share recipe of the sweet dessert 木瓜雪耳糖水 by just looking at my post title 😛 Actually this is a savoury soup recipe which is using similar ingredients with the former. Unripe green papaya is used in this recipe because ripe papaya will become too soft/mushy after long hours boiling. Green papaya is said […]

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