Melbourne Trip 2019 ~ Queen Victoria Market

Do you know that grocery shopping can be considered as therapeutic? It is definitely for me as I greatly enjoyed my routine weekly grocery shopping. It is a place where I could imagine all the possible meals I could cook while strolling along the aisles which are well stocked with assorted of fresh produces and food products. Vegetables and fruits […]

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Yen Can Cook ~ Cucumber Wood Ear Fungus Stir Fry

Some of you might not convinced with my idea of cooking the cucumber as this fruit (though commonly thought to be a vegetable) often eaten raw as a low-calorie snack or can be paired with hummus, olive oil, salt or salad dressing. But please believe me, this cucumber stir fry actually tastes really good and the cucumbers still retain their juiciness. […]

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Kaiju Company @ APW, Bangsar

Kaiju Company, one of the hipster restaurants nestled in APW, Bangsar which churning out an interesting list of delectable Japanese-Thai fusion dishes.   Kaiju, means giant monster in Japanese and the name of this restaurant – Kaiju Company is well echoing by its logo with a cute monster (a Godzilla I assumed :P) as well as the 30metres long paper […]

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