Pinmo Pure Store 品墨良行 , Qing Tian 76 青田76, Yongkang Street 永康街 @ Taipei

Our second day at Taipei started with a leisurely itinerary that included a visit to this quaint little paper/zakka store nestled in a residential area at Yongkang Street, Da’an District. Look at the super cute facade, it’s a kind of setting that attract people to step in and check out the place.         Pinmo Pure Store 品墨良行, […]

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Dinner at Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 @ Lenggeng,Negeri Sembilan

My family trip this year took place at Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 and we settled our dinner there as well since I’ve read some goods reviews about their food. We made our dinner reservation after checked into our room to the China lady and we even pre-booked the dishes. Everything seem so fine right? but I tell you,  this was the […]

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