Product Review: Mintox Detox Drink (Part II)

Today’s post is my little update after trying Mintox Detox Drink for three months.

Taste wise, the peachy flavour is easy to consume. The drink also has minimal side effects. except more toilet visits (two to three times a day) but without the uncomfortable or cramping feeling on the stomach. Mintox Detox Drink is free from side effects such as nausea, fast heart rate or headache which are common in other brands of detox drinks with caffeine.

Not much changes on my weigh but I did notice improvement on my complexion. There were slightly breakouts during the early stage of consumption but the condition was improved and became more stable now. 

I had the drink everyday for 1 month and 2 times a week from second month onward until now. 

For those who is interested to try Mintox Detox Drink can click on their site or contact them as below:- 


Tel: +6011-2345 0201

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