43 New Reasons to Visit Manhattan Fish Market!

I remember my first visit to Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) was N years ago when I was still dating with hubby at Alamanda Putrajaya 😛 We had the Garlic Herb Mussels which really left a strong impression and become our regular order whenever we dine in at MFM.

Recently MFM has launched a new menu which inclusive of 43 innovative sea-lection dishes, broadening the variety and value that the restaurant bring onshore. This definitely a good timing to pay MFM a visit to feast on the new and bolder flavors!


Attractive new menu with 3D effect however my photography skill is too bad to capture the best effect of it 🙁



Passionate Peach (RM 9.90) & Melon Breeze (RM 9.50) *New*

Both are new drinks that worth a try, packed with refreshing fruity flavor.



Citrus Mint (RM 9.50)

One of the popular smoothie at MFM made from fresh mint leaves and lemon juice.



Oyster Roulette (RM14.90) *New*

Let’s play a game of dare! Oyster Roulette is a starter featuring four spicy poached oyster shooters with one outstandingly spicy, this will definitely spark off a fun dining session!



Cream of Beetroot Soup (RM5.50 Lite / RM6.50 Reg) *New*


Farmer’s Soup (RM5.50 Lite / RM6.50 Reg) *New*

A rather hearty bowls of soup with nice consistency and vegetables bits.



Volcano Island  with a choice of Slipper Lobster (RM57.90) / Prawns (RM 55.90) *New*

A sharing platter consisted of juicy seafood in Murray Curry, fried scallops, poached spicy dory nuggets, Volcano mussels and baguette on bed of  garlic herb rice.


We had the slipper lobster together with some mussels and fish fillets drenched in Murray Curry. The curry was fragrant with robust taste of various herbs and spices however the spiciness was a bit too mid for me.



Fried Giant (RM57.90) *New*

Another sharing platter, sharing is caring right? It comes with deep fried battered prawns, fish fingers, cherry snapper fillets, battered onion strips & calamari coated with crushed peanuts. Accompanied are three dipping sauces of cajun honey mustard, smoky Chipotle, tartar and onion glory dip.


Everything was freshly prepared, pipping hot and a squeeze of lemon juice can simply enhance the scrumptiousness of the seafood. I especially adored the calamari with crushed peanuts batter, the addition of peanuts gave the soft squid a pleasant crunchy texture.



Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (RM 20.90) *New*

Can’t decide between chicken and fish? Here’s the solution! Both chicken and dory fish fillet sandwiched with cheddar cheese drizzled with cheese sauce. One bite and be ready to satiate your craving for both poultry and fish! Also served along is a sunny-side-up nestled on a fried spaghetti bowl, house salad and chips.



Coastal Baked Seafood (RM 21.50)


A parcel of assorted seafood such as dory fillet, scallops and squid baked in flavorful herbaceous gravy. The gravy went well with the herb rice and the side of hot veggie make this a wholesome meal.



Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice (RM20.90) *New*


I’m not sure about you but I’ll never get bored of watching the staff performing the MFM’s signature flaming technique right at my table. Featuring a generous slice of flam-grilled dory fillet atop well-seasoned coriander and rosemary herb rice. Although I’m on low-carb diet especially on dinner but the herb rice was too good to be resisted, arghh…. here gone my diet plan ~>_<~


Always end your meal with a sweet treat!


Strawberry Flamin-Go (RM 8.90) *New*

Mango pudding and fresh strawberries are drizzled liberally with chocolate sauce and topped with flamed marshmallows.


Flaming in action!


Have a deep scoop from top to the bottom and let all the ingredients works wonder in your mouth!



Super Fruit Crumble (RM 8.90)

A double scoop of Vanilla ice cream dressed in delicious apple sauce, layered with crumbles & topped with cranberries. My favourite dessert of that evening, with adequate sweetness and the crumbles imparted a good dose of  crunchiness to the overall texture.



Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM 12.90) *New*


A rather mediocre in terms of taste but the sizzling sensation when the staff poured the coconut cream sauce on the hot plate still manage to wow me 😛 






The interior of MFM MidValley outlet ~ Packed to the brim on a weekday night, buzzing with activity. Cream walls with contrasting dark tone ceiling and furniture, adorning with framed interesting quotes on the walls and hanging light bulbs. Tables are placed a little too close for comfort but the ambiance is joyful nonetheless.



Verdict: Portion and food wise,the new menu undoubtedly offer more extensive spread that suit local taste bud. There are many outlets located strategically in most of the established shopping mall, make your visit today to check out their sea-lections!


Manhattan Fish Market

Website: www.manhattanfishmarket.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MFM.My


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