>747 Wonton Mee

>What I can say is different people have different taste bud, this char siu at wonton mee stall at Sunway Mas is one of the favorite of many floggers but definitely not me 😛 (Hope I’m not the only one feel like that, hehe)

Please expect long queue if u want to try this “Homemade Wonton Mee” stall that was at the glare of publicity~~

Hubby & I have to buy this Nyonya kuih to feed our rumbling tummy while waiting for our wonton mee ~.~ (We already wait for more than 30 minutes *sigh*)

Finally the anticipated wonton mee arrived after the long wait & a little gripes from hubby~~

We requested for half lean half fat char siu and regretted as the char siu too fat for our liking. The cut of the char siu also quite big chunk which I’m not used to it~~ Texture not melt in your mouth type but I did like the sweet flavor of it.

The springy mee do win our vote, slightly tossed with dark soy sauce & sesame oil but I prefer darker version~~

The wonton are just mediocre.

Verdict: Hubby said this did not manage to lure him to a second visit, haha XD

747 Kopitiam (SFS Kopitiam)

Jalan PJU 1/3C
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre.

“Please visit 小王子 to participate his latest recipe book naming competition”


  • >Let me try and see, will keep you inform of this place! 😉 but I have when the wanton noodle taste alkaline! yuk!

  • >When did you go to this shop??? I think "chap lap" ald….yesterday i went to find cannot get…tat's y i end up eating "char siew chai"… XD

  • >I agree! dont knw whats all the fuss abt!

  • >i would recommend u one wtm opp Tesco, Puchong jaya. Their wtm is in fine strands n springy. Their char siew n "siew gau" dumplings r good too! Better than d over-rated 747.
    Add: Rest Fong Lye (on d other end lot of SP Setia Office) U can see it along d main road.

  • >I think it's a matter of preference. I like my char siew sweet and fatty, like 747's version.

    I usually bring my friends who cannot take too fatty meat to SFS Favourites nearby. =P

  • >叉烧看起来很美味

  • >u take excellent shots of my fav noodles.. the wantan mee! LOL

  • >Looks like it's not the type of char siew that I like also.

  • >all hype, no substance?
    i heard so much bout 747, even better than fsf around the area.
    tempted to try this as well, but 30 mins wait may not be that long, but for some mediocre fare, hmmm ….

  • >30 mins to wait for this wantan mee? wah i definitely am not one of those who like to wait, esp if the food is not impressive

  • >wonton@皮好像很厚哦

  • >Indulge Cafe = http://bestcafeindulge.com/ . Give a try a new opening cafe at Kuchai Lama KL. They serving top selling Mille Crepe and plenty delicious food

  • >bbo: Don't worry, the noodle don't have alkaline taste 🙂

    Rachel: Impossible lah, maybe they close on that day!!!

    thenomadgourmand: Haha, u & me have similar taste bud 😛

    pang: Too bad Puchong is too far for me, anyways thanks your recommendation, will try it when I'm happen to be there 🙂

    bangsar-babe: Hubby & I prefer SFS 🙂

    sock peng: For me it's not lor, too fat dy 🙁

  • >c & c: U like the noodle only? How abt the char siu?

    little inbox: Which type of char siu u like ler?

    j2kfm: After try only know mah, come & have it!!!

    xin: never try nevr know, now I know it's not worth the wait~~ (For me lah, hehe :p)

    shell: like normal wonton, nothing to shout about…

    wallis: Thanks ur recommendation!!!

  • >This is one place we wanna check out 🙂 I prefer my wanton noodle with lesser dark soy sauce… haha

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  • >i get very pissed sometimes because it's obvious that the owners are not making an effort to smooth out the efficiency of their system. actually, the char kway teow here is very nice! so, while waiting, can eat the char kway teow first. ;D

  • >christine: Opposite with me ler, haha XD

    nic: They have their own attitude hor… BUT still a lot ppl willing to wait~~hehe 😛

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