8haus @ Jalan Sin Chew Kee, K.L

8haus, a restaurant located at lot no. 8 along Jalan Sin Chew Kee hence the name. Occupied the one of the house lots of the heritage building near the Kuala Lumpur Contingent Police Headquarters (one street behind VCR Cafe), 8haus offers a delectable list of Western-oriental fusion food with meat dishes take center stage in the menu, pork to be specified.


The dining area on ground floor – simple setting with part the original 1920’s building structure remained. The rustic mottled brick walls, interior courtyard, suspended light bulbs, it has a vintage charm that echoed throughout the restaurant.


The upper floor shared the same setting as ground floor, it’s a sun-drenched space with big glass windows. This space not only served as dining area, but also event space for private functions, workshops and talks.


Need more sunshine? Outdoor seating is available as well.


Housmade Manjito (RM9.80) & Haus Pandan Soda (RM8.80)

Iced Native Haus Coffee (RM10.80)

The drinks menu features a fun selection of iced beverages such as The Plum 8 (assam boi served with sour plum, water and a plum-flavoured popsicle) and Bali Paradise ( barley drink with winter melon, sour plum and lime).  Espresso-based coffees, teas and craft beers are available too.


The food menu isn’t exceptionally extensive but filled with quite a number of crowd-puller dishes included their signature pork ribs and pork roulade, pork belly pomelo salad, trio pork bun and stuffed squid, just to name a few.

Best Haus’s Pork Ribs (RM36.80)

A must try at 8hau is their signature grilled pork ribs.

Portion wise, the rather big piece of grilled pork ribs was slathered with Hoisin Sauce which tasted sweet and savoury with hint of sourness that added the overall flavoursome. I like the served along pomelo salad which really refreshing to the palate after the meaty indulgence.


Pork Roulade (RM33.80)

Sit on bed of mashed potato were two thick slab of roasted pork belly resembled Siew Yoke in terms of texture and flavour. The skin was crackling goodness that matched pretty well with the tender layered pork. Portion was certainly huge and sharing is recommended as it can be quite cloying for that amount of meat. ゞ◎Д◎ヾ Mustard and home made fruity sauce was served along too.


XO Haus Linguine with Braised Pork Belly (RM20.80)

The linguine was tossed in fragrant XO sauce, it provided a pleasant savouriness and heat to every mouthful. The limelight ultimately belonged to the braised pork belly. The thinly sliced pork belly came with good ration of fat and lean meat but I would have hoped for a bit more stronger in taste.


Chicken Confit Rice (RM19.80)

The rice bowl showcased a confit chicken whole leg, sunny side up, baby bok choy and pea sprout salad. The confit chicken was nicely done with flavourful crispy skin and the meat was really tender.


Grilled Haus’ Chicken Rice (RM20.80)

It’s a very princely serving of rice platter consisted of herbed rice with half a grilled chicken, accompanied with soy sauce with chilli and onions, and a side of salad.


Nutella Bao

The beautiful dessert was a combination of fried Mantao, a scoop of ice cream, milk tea popsicle, Nutella sauce and chocolate crumbles. Since I don’t drink milk tea, hence no comment for the popsicle but the fried Mantao were a lit greasy for my liking.


Verdict: Hits and misses but overall it was a really tummy-satisfying meal as the portion was really huge for the price charged. Service was friendly and attentive, environment was good but the parking can be quite a problem at this area.



8 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, 50150 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603- 2110 0887

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00am to 11.30pm, Sat & Sun: 9.00am to 11.30pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8hauscommunity


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