Alibaba & Nyonya @ TTDI, K.L

Alibaba & Nyonya, a new kid on the block at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail ‘s host of eateries that serves traditional Peranakan and Malay food.

A push cart stall placed at the facade attracts the attention of passersby to take a peek into the restaurant.


Walk into the restaurant and I was welcomed by a spacious and brightly lit dining area. Round marble tables and wooden chairs lined neatly within the white themed space. Wide glass windows with colourful grills, decorative vintage tiles and ambient lighting meant to convey the rich cultural charm of Peranakan heritage.


On of the murals in the restaurant and I was told that there is a bigger mural outside the restaurant. Unfortunately it was a rainy evening during my visit, so I couldn’t take photo of it. 🙁


The menu boasts a wide selection of Nyonya delights to tempt your taste bud, ranging from starters, salads, soups, seafood, beef, chicken, vegetables, egg and tofu dishes, as well as rice, noodles and desserts.

From left to right: Apple Juice with Chia Seed (RM10.50), Calamansi Asam Boi (RM8.50), Cincau Lychee Juice (RM8.50), Fresh Lime Juice (RM9.50), Cincau Watermelon Juice (RM8.50) & Fresh Coconut Lychee (RM9.50)


Nasi Ulam (RM6.50)

We opted for Nasi Ulam instead of steamed rice for its earthy and aromatic nuance of different herbs, spices and kerisik (dry-toasted shredded coconut).


Acar Rampai (RM6.90)

The pickled carrots, cucumbers, long beans and pineapple in mild spicy and sour sauce was well balanced in flavours. It was indeed a great prelude to the meal.


Kerabu Udang (RM28.90)

Prawns tossed in belacan chili paste, onion and herbs, simple but good enough to whet your appetite. However I thought that the portion should be bigger for the price charged.


King’s Curry Fish Head (RM75.00)

The King’s Curry Fish Head ticked the right boxes for a good curry fish head. The meaty Grouper Fish head submerged in thick and luscious curry broth, accompanied by okra, tomatoes and long beans.  The curry was beautifully redolent of a lovely spices note, not too spicy and it was so good I kept piling on my rice. A vividly memorable dish indeed.


Chicken Pongteh (Small – RM21.90, Medium – RM41.80)

A classic Nyonya dish that can be found in every Nyonya restaurants and Alibaba & Nyonya version was sublime. Tender pieces of chicken and the soft creamy potatoes soaked up the sweet savory flavour of the sauce. The sauce was really great that you could eat copious amounts of rice with.


Ayam Dara (Small – RM19.90, Medium- RM35.90)

The deep fried Kampung Chicken had a nice crispy skin but the flesh was a bit dry. 


Telur Belanda (RM10.80)

The unpretentious and simple fried egg topped with sweet and sour Assam gravy managed to win likes from all of us.


Solok Green Chilli Sotong (Small – RM23.90, Medium – RM34.90)

Squids cooked in Solok green chili sauce with onion and Petai (stinky beans) was rather unique in flavor. It was spicy with a mild tangy hint, appetizing and went well with rice.


Sambal Fried Paku (RM14.50)

Decent, the wild Paku ferns sauteed in sambal sauce was sufficiently tasty and tender.


Mutton Curry (Small – RM28.90, Medium- RM54.80)

Flavor wise, the rich creamy curry was redolent with herbs and spices however the texture of the mutton was the weak point in this dish. My piece of mutton was a bit coarse and stringy, perhaps the meat was too lean for this dish.


Check out their Tea Time Treats if you happen to be at this area around 3.00pm to 6.00pm. The Crispy Popiah was really good, served pipping hot and generously wrapped with delicious jicama fillings.


Mee Siam (Tea Time Treats)

Laden bountifully with fish cakes, prawns, egg and shredded vegetables, the vermicelli was cooked to perfect texture. But instead of Mee Siam, I would call this a good plate of fried Meehoon as it lack of the distinctive tamarind and fermented soy bean (taucheo) taste. 


Cendol Gula Melaka (RM6.50)


Sago Gula Melaka (RM5.50)


Signature ABC (RM7.50)

Refreshing icy treats to round off our meal.


Verdict:  Hits and misses, it was a decent Peranakan meal with most of the dishes we had were brilliantly done and capable to please our palate. Some dishes could be better with  minor tweaks. Comfortable dining environment and friendly service.

Recommended: Acar Rampai, King’s Curry Fish Head, Ayam Pongteh, Telur Belada, Sambal Fried Paku and Crispy Popiah.


Alibaba & Nyonya

54, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-7732 3170 

Operating Hours: 11.00 to 10.00pm, Daily



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