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Parents are always have long encouraged children to finish everything on their plates, not least but because of guilt about wasting food. I believe this was instilled in us since young as our parents in baby boomer generations frowned upon wastage.

Majority of the eateries don’t even offer kid’s meal and thus bigger portion of standard meals mean children are being pressurized into eating more than they need which, experts says, means they don’t know when to stop. New research suggests this tactic could be fueling the obesity epidemic.

My take is this could fuel obese child or obese parents. Why obese parents? It’s because me as a mother will finish the food that my daughter can’t finish to avoid any food wasting. So when there is a restaurant allow customers to order the amount of rice/noodles that one can take, no doubt it’s a savior, for both parents and kids. ^__^


Conceived with the aim to get people to “Eat” their food, Ăn Viet’s concept of ‘ Customize Your Food Portion’ encourages diners to order only what they can finish and avoid food wastage.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption globally goes to waste. While nearly a billion people around the world suffering from starvation, we waste one third of the food produced globally, that’s a very sad fact everybody should know and let’s start changing the way we eat.


Ăn Viet offer diners choices of grammage of rice (120g, 160g, 200g) or noodles (80g, 120g, 160, 200g) to go with their meal with same price and add on if you need more at no extra charges.

For each diner who finishes the entire meal, Ăn Viet will set aside RM0.10 for Food Aid Foundation, a non-profit governmental organization (NGO) where manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler, retailers, companies or people can  donate their unused or unwanted foods which is still edible by human that will then be collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisation, poor families, destitute and soup kitchen.


Ăn Viet, literally means  “Eat Viet, is a casual dining restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food. Currently there are two outlets in Klang Valley, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City and Sunway Pyramid and they will be expending to Penang end of this year. The kitchen is spearheaded by chef from Hanoi, so diners can expect nothing but true taste of Vietnam from their extensive menu.


The setting of Ăn Viet at Sunway Pyramid is modern yet cozy furnished with sleek wooden tables and chairs. One side of the wall near entrance is artistically decorated with a beautiful lattice piece while the other side with high glass windows overlooking the al-freso section.


One of the special feature which only available at Sunway Pyramid outlet is pot of basil plant is provided on every table. Customers can pluck the fresh leaves and add them to your meal. (Water is provided also for leaves cleaning purpose)


Rows of potted basil plants at the outdoor dining area.


Some products imported from Vietnam such as coffee powder, fish sauce, rice paper and noodles are available for purchase.


XGừng Nóng Đá – Lemongrass & Ginger Drink (Hot cup – RM7.90)

Nước Chanh & Chanh Xả KemLime Juice with Lemongrass Lime Sorbet (RM10.90)


Bánh Tráng Trộn – Rice Paper Green Mango Salad (RM13.90)

Various of salad ingredients are served in an airtight glass jar with separated dressing. Pour in all the dressing and a squeeze of lime juice and shake to mix well.

Shredded green mango, rice paper, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, crushed peanuts, meat floss and fresh herbs were well tossed with a tangy, spicy and sourish dressing. Very appetizing and awake my appetite for more food to come. The DIY sauce mixing and shaking part definitely add fun to the dining experience.


Chả Giò – Deep Fried Spring Roll (RM7.90)

Chạo Tôm – Grilled Sugarcane Prawn (RM11.90)

Both light bites undoubtedly the crowd pleaser which polished off in a jiffy.


Bánh Tráng Nướng – Grilled Rice Paper with Minced Pork (RM9.90)

The rice paper wrap filled with bits of minced pork, egg, fried shallots and dried shrimp was beautifully chargrilled to a crispy finish. Another bud tickling starter that you shouldn’t miss.



Phở Bò Đặc Biệt – Vietnamese Beef Noodle Special (Ala carte – RM23.90 , Set meal – RM27.90)

Phở Bò (beef noodles), the national dish of Vietnamese which is eaten through-out the country at any time of day. Ăn Viet’s rendition is laden bountifully with sliced raw beef, brisket, shank, tripe, tendon, house-made pure beef balls as well as all trimmings such as raw bean sprout, Chinese crullers (You Tiao), chili sauce and lime wedge.

The comfortingly beef broth although mild in flavor but richly imbued with beef essence which is a clear proof of the long hours simmering of beef bone, herbs and spices. Among all the meat cut I like the tendon and the beef balls the most. I enjoyed the tender yet gelatinous (collagen!) of the tendon while the house made beef balls definitely deserve an additional clap. The texture was not completely firm and bouncy but I know what I had was purely 100% minced beef which was adequately seasoned.

I had my Phở Bò with fresh basil leaves from the plant for that extra herbal, minty nuances.


Bún Sườn – Vietnamese Vermicelli Soup with Pork Rib & Bamboo Shoot (Ala carte – 19.90 & Set meal – 23.90)

The next soupy noodles was just as good if not better. Took my first sip of the broth and immediately reminded me of my home-cooked boiled soup (ABC soup to be precise). The flavor of the broth was sublime and satisfying, each sip is flavour-packed from the sweetness result of long hours of chicken and pork bone simmering. Some may skeptical about the presence of bamboo shoot in the dish but fret not, no unpleasant taste or odour was detected.


Chả Cá Lã Vọng – Hanoian Style Fish with Tumeric & Dill (Ala carte – RM23.90 , Set meal – RM27.90)

It is one of their recommended dish which features chunks of pan fried catfish marinated in turmeric and accompanied dill, parsley, onion, spring onions, chili and scattering of roasted peanuts. The fish fillet was tender and soft with subtle hint of turmeric, those herbs certainly contributed the complexity to the overall flavors. The dish was served with a cast iron skillet on a portable stove to keep it hot.

To enjoy the dish, layer your bowl with lettuce followed by vermicelli the add fish and all the ingredients. For extra oomph, add in the fish sauce.


Lợn kho Nước Dừa  – Braised Pork Belly in Coconut Juice (Ala carte – RM17.90 , With rice – RM19.90, Set meal – RM23.90)

Pork lovers will go weak at the knees. Thick pieces of pork belly with exquisite layers of fat and lean meat were braised to achingly tender and had beautifully morphed with the flavors of the lovely coconut infused sauce.


Bún Gà – Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Vermicelli (Ala carte – RM16.90 , Set meal – RM20.90)

I remember I had this once and I love it. Here at Ăn Viet, the presentation is more refined but the flavor was as great. I like the refreshing flavor from the lettuce and herbs as well as the flavorful grilled lemongrass chicken with a caramelized skin. Chicken thighs were used so they are tender and juicy. Have a good toss of the vermicelli, fish sauce concoction and crispy bits of fried shallots and roasted peanut, let the multi-dimensional flavors and textures hit your palate.


Bánh Mì– Dậu Phụ Với Pate Nằm (Chay) – Vietnamese Baguette with Tofu Patty & Mushroom Pate (RM14.90)

Another must have in Vietnamese restaurant, Bánh Mì – the Vietnamese sandwich. Apart from the usual meat filling , we had vegetarian filling of tofu patty & mushroom pate, it was equally scrumptious nonetheless. The baguette with crispy exterior and airy centre sandwiched the well seasoned tofu patty, creamy mushroom pate and some crunchy shredded vegetables.


Caramel Pudding (RM6.90)

My dinner ended with my favourite dessert of caramel pudding which definitely has a place among the top caramel pudding I’ve eaten thus far. Rich and creamy pudding paired with thick intense caramel sauce, so good that sharing is NOT recommended!


Verdict: Ăn Viet is unquestionably a good place to head to for some authentic Vietnamese cuisine. As far as the food was concerned, I had no complaints on the food we tried that day. There are still items that I wish to try such as Deep Fried Sticky Rice Puff with Green Mango Salad & Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, Claypot Fish & Pork Belly with Caramel Sauce and Hanoi Style Grilled Pork with Vermicelli, who want to join me for next visit?


Ăn Viet

LG2.127, Sunway Pyramid

3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-5611 2226


LG-203B, The Gardens Mall

Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2201 1191


Operating hours: Mon to Fri: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Website: www.anviet.com.my/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anviet.my/


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