>Christmas Shopping :)

>Really long time didn’t shopping already (I mean really buy something not only window shopping :p) so last Sunday when I was at Midvalley I buy buy buy…. haha, so happy…. Shopping really can makes a woman feel great!!! These was my spree that day & total damage not more than RM200, I think it’s worth lor…. (5pcs of MNG […]

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>Flower In The Pocket

>上星期三去了我人生第一次的电影首映会。并没有红地毯,也没有记者们的闪光灯因为这是我朋友所导演的一部本地电影. 这出片子可是在韩国釜山电影节里拿了两个奖的呢!!!电影叙述了两个单亲小孩,而父亲是个工作狂,他们自己活在自己的世界里,直到他们遇到了一位异族朋友。。。。。(想知道故事就快快去买票支持本地电影!!!– 在GSC 1U, MV等有上映)

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>My Cooking

Last Monday & Tuesday mom not at home so I decided to prepare a simple dinner for hubby by cooking some food…. My 1st dish is stir fried mix vege with chicken & tofu   2nd dish is mushroom soup – I bought a can of Campbell mushroom soup then add in some fresh button mushroom…. it’s yummy 3rd dish […]

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