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This is an “old newspaper” post, why I say so? Because I had this when Chinese New Year @@ *RUN!!*

Initially we want to have their Chinese New Year set menu but we didn’t make any booking so no choice but have to order ala-carte from the menu.

Roasted Duck 烧鸭 (Half)

The roasted duck was meaty with delectable crispy skin. The succulent and tenderly soft meat was infused with marinade of spices and mild Chinese herbs, thumbs up!


Claypot Braised Chicken Shao Hsing Chinese Wine 绍酒煲仔鸡蛋(RM 25.00++)

I get a whiff of Shao Hsing Wine when this served on our table, the aroma make me can’t wait to digging in! Braised with sliced gingers and wood ear fungus, the chunks of chicken well absorbed the flavorful gravy that savory enough to go with multiple bowls of rice.


Stir Fried Black Pepper Pork Cheek Slices and Mushroom 黑胡椒鲜菇猪爽肉

The pork cheek was thinly sliced to retain the tenderness of the meat. Stir fried with black pepper and XO sauce which was so robust & full of flavors, very moreish indeed!


Claypot Seafood Beancurd (RM 15.00++)

Beancurd, fish slices, squid and prawns drenched in savory sauce, this was merely an ordinary dish in my book.


Stir Fried Rainbow Xue Lin 七彩雪莲果 (RM 20.00++)

This was my second time had this xue lin (yacon) and I love it, so without hesitate I ordered this when I saw it in their menu. The sweet &  crunchy fruit/vegetable? proved to be a crowd pleaser; we polished it off effortlessly 🙂

 Read my previous experience HERE.


Stir Fried Qing Long Vegetables 彩带青龙 (RM 20.00++)

The Qing Long vegetable was cooked to perfection where the sweet crunchiness still remained and the addition of macadamia nuts and slices mushroom had rounded up the overall wholesomeness.


Tofu Jelly with Longan

Ended our dinner with the smooth tofu jelly sweetened by the decadent palm sugar syrup.

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