Best of Guangzhou @ Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Have a taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine from Guangzhou at Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya from 5th to 21st April 2018. The restaurant is proudly presenting a list of delectable dishes from appetizers, mains to desserts by Chef Guo Deigo and Chef Liao Jin Shuang from Hilton Guangzhou.


Chinese Burdock Yam with Mango Sauce 芒果汁鲜山药 (RM38.00)

The first appetizer appeared on our table was this neatly stacked Burdock Yam (Shan Yao in Mandarin) served with bright mango sauce. The raw root vegetable is slimy and basically quite mild in flavor but I don’t mind at all as I like the crunchiness. The mango sauce provided a refreshing fruity note to the dish.


Guava in Plum Sauce 话梅汁番石榴 (RM28.00)

Not overly sour, the next appetizer was nice to whet your appetite for the coming dishes. Just my one minor gripe, the guava was too soft for my liking but my dining companion enjoyed this, it’s just a matter of preference.


Braised Shredded Roasted Duck and Mushroom Soup with Bamboo Shoot 锦绣火鸭丝羹 (RM38.00)

The soup course was slightly disappointed in terms of flavour. Comprised of shredded roasted duck, mushroom and bamboo shoot which gave the soup a pleasant textural bite however the flavour was bordered on bland. Other options are Braised Soup with Abalone, Fish Maw, dried Scallop and Prawn (RM108.00) and Braised Fish Maw with King Ginkgo Nuts and Oats in Golden Soup (RM88.00)


Smoked Hainanese Chicken with Longjing Tea 龙井香薰文昌鸡 (Half – RM 88.00 & Whole – RM138.00)

This dish was a hit among us that evening. The chook in beautiful amber hue was firstly braised till tender then smoked with Longjing tea leaves. The meat was infused with flavourful and enticing sauce and every mouthful brought a pleasant smoky taste to the palate. The crispy tea leaves played a complementing role to offer more earthy note to the dish.


Deep Fried Flowered Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish 松子桂花鱼 (RM78.00)

Due to Guangzhou Province’s location on the southern coast of China, fresh seafood is prominent in Cantonese cuisine. In Cantonese culinary arts, those fresh seafood are best cooked by steaming. However, due to ingredients restriction, steamed fish is not in the specially crafted menu. We had this visually attractive sweet and sour fish which was equally tantalizing. Adeptly sliced into flower shape, the fish was deep fried then sufficiently drenched in appetizing sweet and sour sauce studded with pine nuts, corn, diced carrot and green peas.


Deep Fried Seafood Roll 威化海鲜卷 (RM58.00)

Wrapped with rice paper, the seafood rolls with filling of minced scallop, prawn, celery and carrot in mayonnaise dressing were deep fried to golden perfection. The lightly crumbed outer was literally melt-in-my-mouth once I bite into it and revealed the delicious creamy filing. I don’t mind have second serving of this


Deep Fried Scallop and Shrimp 千丝玉带卷 (RM88.00)

It’s a memorably wonderful dish with fresh scallop and squid and shrimp paste wrapped with Kataifi then deep fried. The combination of soft scallop and bouncy shrimp paste worked perfectly and I love the extremely crispy Kataifi! It was such a treat when enjoy pipping hot.


Braised Fish Head with Garlic and Bean Curd 蒜子豆腐焖鱼头 (RM68.00)

Fish head, fish fillets, mushrooms and bean curds were braised in strong flavor sauce which was savoury enough to go with multiple bowls of rice. 


Supreme Seafood Fried Rice 太子海王炒饭 (RM48.00)

This fried rice just looked like any other normal fried rice but to our surprise, it stole thunder! Fried with prawn heads oil, every grain had sublime flavours that makes you want to keep savouring it. Seafood such as prawns, squid balls, dried scallop as well as the tobiko added lusciousness to the dish.


Pumpkin and Barley Claypot with Taro 薏米香芋南瓜煲 (RM38.00)

Mango Sweet Soup 杨枝甘露 (RM18.00)

Both dessert were rather mediocre though but good enough to put our dinner to a sweet ending.

Best Of Guangzhou promotion available from 5th to 21st April 2018. Call +603 7955 9122 for reservation.


Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant 

Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel, No. 2, Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Tel: +603-7955 9122 ext 4073

Business Hours: 12noon to 10.30pm daily except Sunday 11am to 10.30pm

Website: (F&B) / (Hilton PJ)


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