>Black Pepper Chicken Chop & Herbs Potatoes

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Chicken meat (preferably drumstick but my mom bought chicken thighs for me )

Black Pepper Mix

Soy sauce, salt, sesame oil & Chinese rice wine for marinate the chicken

Step 1:
Pan fried the chicken meat until thoroughly cooked. Then put the cooked meat on a plate.

Step 2:
Dilute the black pepper mix with water, cook until boiling.

Step 3: Pour the sauce on the chicken meat. Done!!

Herbs Potatoes

Potato (cut into small cubes)

Mixed herbs & butter

Step 1:
Cook the potatoes cubes in boiling water until soft or fry with hot oil (This will make the potatoes have “crispy” outer layer)

Step 2:
Melt the butter in pan.

Step 3:
Add in cooked potatoes cubes into melted butter then add in mix herbs.

Step 4:
Sautee the potatoes cubes until all coated with mix herbs & butter. Done!!

Look appetizing enough? ^.^


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