>California & Tako

>Always want to try out this place but only think of it after I had meal~~ always~~ >_<
A hidden gem with affordable price western food. Finally……

Faded colour Blackcurrant Juice 😛 (included in combo set)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop – RM 13.90 (Combo Set)
Juicy drumstick went well with the black pepper sauce, always the best combination.

Fish & Chips – RM 13.90 (Combo Set)
Sweet dory fish battered and deep fried & served with tartar sauce. A bit too oily 🙁

Another snack that I never missed if I happen to be here 🙂

Tried takoyaki from a few places but this stall at 1U still the best..

In action!!

Takoyaki Balls
Made from batter, cabbage and a small tiny pieces of baby octopus. Cook on a half spherical molds contraption. Mayonnaise, bonito flakes, aonori (green dried seaweed) & takoyaki sauce as topping. Hmmmm……… yummy…

California Express BBQ & Grill Bar
Takoyaki stall
Opposite Jaya Jusco Supermarket
1 Utama Shopping Centre


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