Canton Kitchen @ Bukit Tinggi

When people mention about Bukit Tinggi, first thing come into my mind is a place at Klang. I never know there is a small town  called Bukit Tinggi at Pahang near Genting Highland too until I read about her excursion there >///<

Initially I want to visit the orchard but she told me it’s owned by her friend & not open to public 🙁 So what to do at Bukit Tinggi? Food hunt definitely, my glutton spirit in me whispering to myself 😛

We drove around the small town & found out that there were many restaurants here. We were spoil for choices until I saw a signboard…

Restaurant + Free entrance for mini farm? Sound interesting 🙂


Dining area under the zinc roof with rows of ceiling fans.


Some biscuits, cookies & sauces for sale.


Where is the mini farm? It’s behind the dining area & it looks like this.

Fish pond & chicken barn on the right & vegetables plantations on the left.


Row row row your boat gently down the stream…but there was no boat 😛 I wish I can soak my body in the cooling water at such a scorching hot weather @.@


Being clueless didn’t know what to order, we asked for recommendation & here’s the food we had.

Stir Fried Crispy Pork ~ 干煎花肉 (RM 10.00)

Thin sliced pork belly fried until crispy coated with sweet sauce. Crunchy and addictive but can be a very good jaw exercise after finish munching the whole plate 😛


Steam Frog with Chicken Essence ~ 鸡精蒸田鸡 (RM 47.00)

The waiter poured the Brand’s Chicken Essence to our plate of steamed frog when it served.

One of the restaurant’s signature dish – the frog! Fresh & meaty.


Dual Favors Vegetables ~ 鸳鸯菜 (RM 6.00)

New species vegetables ~ mixture of choy sam + kailan


A restaurant that adapted concept of leisure farm + restaurant, I don’t mind coming back for the fresh river fish &  journey from Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Tinggi was merely 30 – 45min drive only.


I think Sam will feel excited to have opportunity to get up close with the nature too since we didn’t visit the farm this time 🙂

See, they are even on Facebook!


Canton Kitchen
No.84, Kampung Bukit Tinggi,  28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: +609-2330170
Website: Canton Kitchen



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