>Pasta Zanmai

>This time I invite Pris who just came back from London to join my food adventure. We didn’t see each others for almost 3 years I think, so we chat a lot & I hope she had a wonderful night that day. Back to the food then…Combination of spaghetti & your familiar Japanese ingredients like seaweed, miso and sesame…. Once […]

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>Pick n’ Brew

>Read about this from ekeng.Since I’m not a coffee-person, so I only try their April Promotion. I saw Jackson there but I dare not greet him… 😛 At entrance Cozy environment but the air-cond abit too strong for me 🙁 I like these saofa seat very much, so comfortable until not willing to leave…. Suitable to have a friend or […]

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>Old Town Kopitiam

> 有没有发现Old Town Kopitiam越来越气势凌人呢?差不多每个地区都有它的踪影,看到都有点腻了,但。。。。我的BF就很喜欢去那儿喝茶,吃他家的面包.那天去了1U的Old Town order了nasi lemak rendang ayam和BF的nasi lemak biasa。味道还不错吃,但BF的nasi lemak里面的keropok就好像“漏风”了,不好吃

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