>happiness naturally


>My birthday this year was a sweet one~~~Enjoyed desserts at this soothing & comfy place, furnished with red + grey sofas. The metalic fiery red bar stools make this place look so trendy & chic. Magazine corner~~ Where am I? dessert’s bar offer a variety of home-made ice-cream, sorbet, smoothies, crepes & waffles. Single espresso – RM 5.50 Taste bitter […]

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>Mee Jawa

> The restaurant adopted with old style kampung setting. Special cage lights. Some antique collections. Row of bird cages… Modified old sewing machine & antique luggages.. (My house still got this type of sewing machine too :P) Nescafe – RM 2.80 Kedondong Plum – RM 3.50Very refreshing… Nasi Lemak Biasa – RM 3.90Taste mediocre but still consider as a good […]

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