McDonald’s GCB is back!

What does ‘G’ mean to you? For some, it could be Glamorous, Genius, Groovy or even ‘Gempak’ but for fans of Mcdonald’s it means that the GCB is back! The fans of GCB can finally savor their favorite tender chicken thigh grilled to perfection paired with groovy char-grilled sauce on a bed of gorgeous iceberg lettuce nestled between two toasted […]

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Prosperity Burger

It is only available once a year (guess when? :p) & I’ll never fail to have it! Prosperity Burger set from McDonald’s! The beef burger always be my choice 🙂 If compare with last year (2010) I prefer this because the sauce was not too peppery & spicy. Just right amount of sauce given, I don’t like sloppy burger >.< […]

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>Nando’s Chicken

>Whenever I crave for chicken I’ll think of this~~~Simply out of the world delicious stuff Juicy & tender chicken drumstick with beautiful glazing skin~~ Mouth watering indeed~~Serving of potato salad was huge but the herbs rice not as flavorful as last time 🙁 Those Peri chips went well with my favorite garlic peri-peri sauce~~ Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread – […]

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