Yen Can Cook: Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken Teriyaki (鳥照り焼き) is one of the lunchtime staple in Japan. ‘Teri’ refers to the lacquered sheen that teriyaki sauce develops on the surface of the chicken, while ‘yaki’ means grilled. Almost any cut of chicken can be used, but chicken teriyaki is most commonly prepared with the thighs or drumsticks. Teriyaki may have originally been a grilled dish, but […]

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Yen Can Cook: Mexican Baked Apple Empanadas (Baking Workshop @ Dorsett Putrajaya)

Empanadas are savory Spanish pastries, which became popular in Mexico with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. These little pastries are filled with various savory ingredients, but there is no reason why you cannot try sweet fillings instead, although empanadas are not sweet traditionally. The sweet ones might be made with pumpkin, mixed fruit, apple, or berries. The apple empanadas […]

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