Yen Can Cook: One Pot Chuncheong Dak Galbi

After Japchae and Budae Jjigae, my next Korean food recipe is this one pot Chuncheong Dak Galbi or Spicy Stir Fried Chicken. It is a popular Korean dish made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang-based sauce with sweet potatoes, cabbage, perilla leaves, scallions, tteok (rice cake), and other ingredients. My first Dak Galbi experience was at Uncle Jang […]

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Yen Can Cook: Thai Pandan Chicken (Air Fryer Version)

Pandan leaves or screwpine leaves are usually used to flavor desserts or drinks as well as to wrap meat before being cooked for its distinct sweet and floral-like notes. It is also used as natural colouring which give dishes visual appeal. Pandan leaves are mainly used to infuse desserts such Nonya-style glutinous rice-based desserts, candies, puddings and Chinese ‘Tong Sui’ […]

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Yen Can Cook: Baked Mushrooms with Herbed Ricotta

Thanks to holidays like Christmas and New Year, December stays jam-packed with parties and festive get-togethers. Potluck certainly one of the popular party trend where each guest contributes a different and unique dish of food to be shared. Potlucks are a fun and easy way to bring people together, enjoying yummy food and wonderful company is delightful on it’s own. […]

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