Ssik Kek Korean BBQ Buffet @ Laman Rimbunan, Kepong

Ssik Kek Korean BBQ Buffet has been around for years and I only have chance to check it out recently. Being pioneer of Korean BBQ buffet, the affordable price for EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN assorted of meats, banchan, variety of Korean dishes and beverages certainly the main attractive point. Price Lunch: RM19.90 (Adult), RM14.90 (Child 4-11 years old) Dinner: RM39.90 (Adult), RM24.90 (Child […]

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Just Nyonya @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Sometimes, it pays to slow down and observe your surrounding. True story. I thought I knew my favourite foodie neighbourhood like the back of my hand especially at Kepong. But alas, this quaint Nyonya establishment located at Bandar Menjalara, Kepong manage to elude me for almost one year. That was when I finally decided to slow down and observe the […]

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Festive Indulgence with Tai Thong 2016

To mark the year of the Monkey, Tai Thong Group has put together a series of delectable dishes inspired by the Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong or Qi Tian Da Sheng). The Monkey King is the main character in the classic Chinese novel – Journey to the West, published since the 16th century. Having that in mind, Tai Thong Group […]

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