Kaiju Company @ APW, Bangsar

Kaiju Company, one of the hipster restaurants nestled in APW, Bangsar which churning out an interesting list of delectable Japanese-Thai fusion dishes.   Kaiju, means giant monster in Japanese and the name of this restaurant – Kaiju Company is well echoing by its logo with a cute monster (a Godzilla I assumed :P) as well as the 30metres long paper […]

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Marta’s Kitchen @ Desa Sri Hartamas

It is a fact that some of the great things are discovered through accidental coincidence. Penicillin, Viagra, Play-doh are just some of the discoveries that have changed the perspective of the world. In the same spirit above, I have discovered one of the best paella experience at Martha’s Kitchen through an accidental coincidence. The place that we wanted to patronize […]

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Hong Kong MX Mooncakes 香港美心月饼

Make this Mid-Autumn Festival especially meaningful with Hong Kong MX (Mei-Xin) Mooncakes 香港美心月饼 which has been the No.1 Seller for 21 consecutive years since 1998, according to the Nielsen Research Report. Malaysians can get these exquisite mooncakes from Mei-Xin mooncake booth at various locations in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Ipoh.   Lava & Custard Series 流心及奶黄月饼系列 If you can’t […]

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