Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子@ Sunway Visio Tower, Cheras

Joining the ranks of China hotpot restaurants at Sunway Valeocity, to be precise, Sunway Visio Tower, Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子has brought the authentic taste of Sichuan hotpot to Malaysia.   Originating from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Chuanxi Bazi with over 20 years of experience now has nearly three hundred stores across China. Malaysia’s first Chuanxi Bazi restaurant at Sunway Visio Tower spanning […]

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DRAGON-i Peking Duck @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

My youngest sister wanted to have Peking Duck for our recent family gathering and this place immediately flashed into my mind because I’ve read quite a few online reviews of this place some time ago.   We arrived the rebranded DRAGON-i Peking Duck at 1 Utama Shopping Mall punctually on our reservation time and being usher to our table located […]

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gin rik sha @ Bukit Damansara

The old adage of “Appearances can be deceiving” is always the truth especially on food as the tasting experience can be a pleasant surprise or vice versa. Never would I thought that “Names” can be deceiving too. In Malaysia, we would roughly know the the type of food served just by judging the name of the food joints (for example, […]

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