Yen Can Cook: Dried Bok Choy Soup “Choy Gon Tong” 菜干汤

“Choy Gon Tong” (菜干汤), which means “dried vegetable soup” in Cantonese and it’s actually “dehydrated Bok Choy”. This soup is traditionally used to bring down heat in one’s body especially on recent scorching weather. This soup is usually paired with other ingredients such as pork ribs (or pork bones), carrot, corn, soy beans, south and north apricot kernels to add the brew’s benefits […]

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Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort @ Bali

It’s been weeks since I last updated my 2018 Bali Trip experience. The last post was about my food experience at Warung Dedari. Continuing on my adventure at Bali where we “camped-out” at Seminyak for first night (mind you, I still remember the fabulous steak here), we checked out the next day to have Bali cultural immersion via temples sight-seeing, […]

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