I cook: Vegetarian White Radish Soup

White radish or also know as daikon, is one of the  common ingredient for Chinese soup boiling which can easily get from wet market or supermarket all year around. White radish is moderately high in Vitamin C, carotene and contain properties that appear to be beneficial for symptoms of colds, flu, fever, cough, respiratory problems, and digestive disorders. And Radishes […]

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I cook: Savory Winter Melon & Barley Soup

Winter melon soup is one of those classic Chinese soups which Chinese mothers have prepared for their households and families for generations. Winter melon, also known as ash gourd or winter gourd has cooling properties and is often consumed to clear heat and phlegm from lungs. It also detoxifies the body, promotes diuresis and reduces inflammation. Photo Source   Like […]

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I cook: Pear Tong Sui

Another fruit base tong sui after this 😛 Ingredients used is not much different, only some plus minors 🙂 Ingredients 2 large size pears   8 – 10 dried longan & dried lily bulbs   2 honey dates (蜜枣) A few red dates Some wolfberries Some rock sugars 5 cups of water ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 1: De-skinned and de-seeded the apples […]

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