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Nyonya Memoirs @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall


If you plan to visit Melaka these few weeks, I suggest that you should make ‘Nyonya Memoirs’ as part of your itinerary. Being the first ever live environmental theatre production featuring Melaka’s iconic Peranakan heritage, ‘Nyonya Memoirs’ is brought  to you by Hatten Group and only runs for 3 months premiering in May 2015 until 19th July 2015. The inspiration […]

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Nando’s latest outlet @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur ~ Giveaway!


The Nando’s cockerel has finally landed at Avenue K! Launched on 15 March 2015, Nando’s latest outlet is nestled at the one of the furthest corner of Level G near H & M. The location might not be the most strategic but the facade is absolutely alluring to attract one’s attention.   Upon entering and scrutinizing deeper, what we beheld […]

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Nando’s @ Publika


When you crave for fast food chicken, which brand will be the first furnish a snap into your mind? I believe there are quite a numbers of  “Grandpa” brand’s fans out there but for myself, I have my all time favourite ~ Nando’s! Origin from South Africa with Mozambican-Portuguese theme and specializes in grilled chicken dishes,  there are more than […]

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