Prosperity Burger

It is only available once a year (guess when? :p) & I’ll never fail to have it! Prosperity Burger set from McDonald’s! The beef burger always be my choice 🙂 If compare with last year (2010) I prefer this because the sauce was not too peppery & spicy. Just right amount of sauce given, I don’t like sloppy burger >.< […]

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Worthy Book

Pay only RM 35 and get RM18,000 in return. It seems like a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme introduction line.. Right? But it’s a real deal. I came across a book full of discounts & offers worth RM 18,000.00. Since we are in a season of giving (& it’s a deal to good to be kept only by myself), I am […]

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Cars & Beauties

A purely cars & hot chicks photos post, sorry to those who come in for food 😛 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Main Attraction – The gargantuan Bumble Bee in Transformer! Pay RM 15.00 to take photo with it. Another attraction – Very “ahemm” Batman Mobile >.< ” Date: 3 – 12 December 2010 Venue: Putra World Trade Centre […]

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