>This was the 1st time my makan gang having a Potluck and this took place at CY‘s house. Although it’s just a simple one but it’s meaningful to me cause I’m the birthday girl of that day 🙂 Let’s see what we had that day~~ Fruit salad by MZN consisted starfruits, green apples, honeydew& raisins. Actually he brought all the […]

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>Red Mania

>Glory Glory Man Utd~~ Manchester United was in the town!!!! Although I’m not a fan but I don’t want to miss the chance to meet them with one of their “SUPER SUPPORTER” on last Saturday (18/7/09). PS: That “SUPER SUPPORTER” went to the training session on Friday (17/7/09) & the rematch on Monday (20/7/09) =.=”PPS: He even went to Mandarin […]

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