>Earth Hour

>How many of you will switch off the light tonight? If yes, let me suggest a few things that you can do in 1 hour of darkness~~1) Enjoy star watchingMaybe you can discover a new horoscope? 2) Candlelight DinnerRomantic~~~ 3) Family GatheringIs it been a long time that u didn’t have a chat with your family or your other half? […]

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>My new "babies"

>Recently I have been blessed with two “babies”… 1st Baby…..I have decided to plunge myself in the world of DLSR and bought the cheapest one too (budget lar)….So, do expect BETTER food photos to be posted in my blog… However, recently, I will not update my blog that often due to my.. 2nd Baby (1st child)… Therefore, I can’t update […]

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