Yen Can Cook: Roasted Pork (Siu Yoke) – Philips AirFryer version

I really have no time for Chinese New Year baking this year but today’s recipe is a popular delicacy during the festive season too. Roasted pork or commonly known as “Siu Yoke” in Cantonese is favourite food of many for its crackling crispy skin complemented well with layers of succulent fats and tender lean meat. I never think I can […]

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YouBike @ Taiwan, 陳根找茶 Chen Gen Zhao Cha & 邱记凉面 Qiu Ji Cold Noodles @ Taipei

I just came back from my 4D3N Taipei trip last week. It may sound short but the itinerary was filled with surprises and excitements which will definitely become a memory that lasts for long time. Thank you for the invitation from Taiwan Tourism Bureau (台湾观光局) and their warm hospitality throughout our Taipei’s trip. This is my second time visit to […]

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Westin Partners Johanna Basford

Experience how colouring can promote mindfulness with colouring sheets created exclusively for Westin Hotels & Resorts by Johanna Basford. Johanna Basford, the illustrator who spearheaded the worldwide adult-colouring phenomenon with the debut of her bestselling book, <Secret Garden>, in 2013. According to her, colouring is a therapeutic exercise that has been proven to promote mindfulness and relaxation. She hopes to […]

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