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CNY Kitchen Project: Almond Flakes Crisp 杏仁瓦片


My last Chinese New Year cookies recipe sharing and my oven will officially “sau gong” till the festive season over! Although there is only 3 days away but fret not because this almond flakes crisp is easy to make and only a few ingredients are needed. Ingredients 4 egg whites 120g caster sugar 80g low protein flour 160g almond flakes […]

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CNY Kitchen Project: Caramel Almond Flakes Cookies


Yay, another extremely easy CNY baking project! Here we go! Ingredients 200g almond flakes + pumpkin seeds + black & white sesame (or any combination) 100g Florentine flour / Bienetta flour (can get from baking ingredients shop) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 1: Mix well both ingredients.   Step 2: Line the baking tray with parchment paper. Step 3: Preheat the oven 160°C. […]

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Yen Can Cook: Shrimp Sauce Pork Ribs (Philips Air Fryer Version)


Shrimp Sauce/ SHrimp Paste (虾酱), is made from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt. Some versions are in its wet form and some are sun dried and cut into blocks. It is a common ingredient used in Southeast Asian and Southern Chinese cuisine. Shrimp paste has a pungent aroma and some might found it smell “fishy”, do you know that our Belacan is […]

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