Yen Can Cook: Quinoa Salad with Grilled Black Pepper Chicken

December is typically a busy month with social engagements, house guests, visiting, shopping and all the other “to-dos”. It is also a season to indulge, dinner parties and social events galore will be breaking more than a few diets. We don’t blame you if you succumb to the call of one extra Christmas fruit cake or a second helping of […]

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Yen Can Cook: Winter Melon Soy Bean and Lentil Soup

The recent sweltering weather can really make us feel grumpy, exhausted and irritable. It can upset our body’s balance and cause us to feel off-centered. When the mercury rises, you probably want to reach for cold beer, ice-cream and frozen desserts. Sadly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, those are bad choices as when you ingest any food that is […]

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Yen Can Cook: Corn and Leek Soup

Corn and leek soup, a hearty and satisfying soup which is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan too if vegetable stock is used. Inspired by babe_kl, the pioneer food blogger in Malaysia, founder of when she posted photo of her delicious looking Chinese style corn soup in Instagram a few weeks ago. I was intrigued immediately to try out the recipe […]

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