>Home Made Pizza &" Nga Gu" Biscuit

Home Made Pizza Get ready the ingredient : Basic Ingredient -Pizza Base ,Cheese & Tomato puree (no photo for this because forgot to take photo :p)   Optional Ingredient: (You can put whatever you want…) Squid Mushroom Ham & Sausages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 1 : Spread the tomato puree on the pizza base then put all your ingredient on it. Step […]

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>My Cooking

Last Monday & Tuesday mom not at home so I decided to prepare a simple dinner for hubby by cooking some food…. My 1st dish is stir fried mix vege with chicken & tofu   2nd dish is mushroom soup – I bought a can of Campbell mushroom soup then add in some fresh button mushroom…. it’s yummy 3rd dish […]

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