>Italian Cone Pizza

>In my mind, Selayang is a boring place. There’s nothing special to see & nothing special to eat. Once, I went there to search for food, but I couldn’t find an outlet that intrigue me. So, I end up at Old Town White Coffee =.=”I do “feel” for Selayang-nese 🙁 However, recently I heard from my colleague that there’s a […]

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>在论坛里经网友介绍这间位于Selayang靠近Summit Square的广东城的猪肉satay猪肉satay的老板可是位很健谈的人哦,他和我们谈了很多包括他怎样做satay怎样熬夜,以前的工作等等…..我还是第一次遇到这么多话的老板哦。。。嘻嘻 🙂 说回satay吧。。肉还蛮硬的但味道就很特别,有微微的酸柑味,花生酱就没得顶,一流!!! 很多花生,真材实料!!!

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