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Villa Ju @ Solaris Mont Kiara


After a satisfying dinner (post will be upped soon) at Solaris Mont Kiara, what’s better than having a sweet dessert to end my Friday night? Loitering around the area and suddenly a shop that I’ve read from her blog furnished a snap into my mind and I started to look for it. The shop is not hard to located with […]

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Mr. Dakgalbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara


I’m a huge fan of dakgalbi,  a popular south Korea dish that made by stir-frying the marinated  chicken cubes in Korean chilli paste sauce (go chu jan) together with ingredients such as sliced cabbage, sweet potatoes, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) on a hot plate. I always wanna make a revisit after my maiden experience at Uncle Jang, however my better half […]

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Morganfield’s @ eCurve, Mutiara Damansara


The Ibérico pig, one of the rarest breeds found only in Spain is shrouded in both mystery and astonishment. Being the original swine of Spain, it is treated as a unique national treasure, tamed over the centuries with its lineage reaching back to the time of the cavemen. It is said that from the humble acorn grows the mighty Ibérico. […]

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