Andes BYO

We (hubby & I) are never bored of the sight of “oink oink” food even after all these: (this, this and this). Again, we found ourselves at another “oink-oink” restaurant at Sunway Mas ~ Andes BYO. Red checkers table cloths & comfy black leather high-back chairs. Tables are quite cramped within the shop area. Assorted ornaments & posters adorning the […]

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Restaurant Pin Xiang

As promised, today I’m going to blog about my wonderful dinning experience with Alan Yun! I’m not only busy snapping photo of mouthwatering food but also charming host & guests that night! When I received invitation from Sidney to sample Alan Yun’s newly open restaurant, without hesitate I accepted it immediately~ It really had me singing in joy because I […]

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