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Weddings are a joyful event where everybody comes to celebrate the marriage of two people and toast their happy prosperous future together. For a traditional Chinese wedding, a lavish wedding banquet is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The dinner consists of multiple courses (8 or 9, the sound of 8 in Chinese is similar to the word ‘prosper’, while 9 is similar to ‘long-lasting’) and every dish served at a Chinese wedding banquet is carefully selected for its meaning. These dishes often symbolise blessings of happiness, prosperity, longevity or fertility for the couple and their marriage.

At the newly revamped Celestial Dynasty 仙界中餐楼, the kitchen team has whipped up a few wedding menus to honor such joyous occasion.


Summer Scent 天赐良缘幸福满宴 (RM1188)

Summer Platter

Served elegantly on a 3-tier tray, the appetizer course consists of Stir Fried Scallop with Tom Yum Sauce, Smoked Duck with Chilled Jelly Fish, Deep Fried Hap Po Wan Chu and Deep Fried Bacon Roll with Honey Sauce. The visually appealing presentation definitely can make your mouth water in delight.


Stir Fried Scallop with Tom Yum Sauce

Sit on bed of stir fried snap peas, onion and Shimeji mushrooms, the stir fried scallop with Tom Yum sauce is rather unusual to be served on a wedding banquet but robust flavours of it immediately awoke my appetite.


Smoked Duck with Chilled Jelly Fish & Deep Fried Hap Po Wan Chu

The briny smoked duck slices enhanced the overall flavours of the rather common chilled jelly fish salad. The Deep Fried Hap Po Wan Chu of bean curd sheet wrapped with filling of fish paste, salted egg yolk and dried oyster is always a classic.


Deep Fried Bacon Roll with Honey Sauce

Sweet juicy bacon roll with springy fish paste was simply addictive.


Double-boiled Farm Chicken Soup with Pacific Clam and Shiitake Mushroom

Every guest is served with an individual serving of double-boiled soup that loaded with goodness such as dried scallop, fish maw, pacific clam, chunks of farm chicken as well as Shiitake mushroom. With such choice of ingredients, the broth was light yet satisfying with the essence of the ingredients nicely encapsulated.


Roasted Platter of Curry Suckling Pig and Roasted Duck


Curry Suckling Pig

Always my favourite dish on a wedding banquet and Celestial Dynasty’s rendition certainly scored marks for novelty and flavours. The delicate crispy skin was very pleasingly delicious and the attached succulent meat infused with curry powder added fragrance to the bite.


Roasted Duck

The half roasted duck was equally tasty with all the essential requirements of crispy skin, well flavoured and tender meat.


Steamed Pomfret and Radish with Superior Soy Sauce

Steamed fish always a welcomed dish as it can retain the sweetness of the fish. Topped with generous amount of fried preserved radish, fried shredded ginger and coriander, the  Pomfrets were perfectly steamed with sweet delicate flesh. The savory superior soya sauce gave the fish a boost of yumminess.


Deep Fried Crispy Sea Prawns with Salted Egg

It’s compulsory to lick clean the luscious salted egg yolk coating and crumbly bits from the shell before indulging in the fresh firm prawn.


Braised Superior Seafood and Abalone with Brown Sauce

Premium dried seafood such as abalone, sea cucumber and scallop were braised in savoury brown sauce and served with poached broccoli.  All the ingredients had absorbed the delicious flavours of the rich gravy and harmonized every element in one united flavour.


Fried Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

Unwrapped the lotus leaf, the heavenly aroma of glutinous rice wafted in the air. The savory rice glutinous rice was not overly soft but it matched well with other ingredients such as waxed sausages, waxed meat, dried shrimps and mushrooms, rendering a good bite in texture. 


Chilled Aloe Vera with Mango and Sea Coconut


Deep Fried Sesame Bun and Chilled Mochi

The wedding menu ended with the dual desserts to put a sweet endnote to the feast.

For more wedding menus or set menus available, please refer to the contact information as below.

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