Chan Meng Kee

After the previous post, here’s my another favorite hawker food – Wonton Mee 🙂

Chan Meng Kee, previously in Section 17 now taking over the famous Ho Weng Kee. Served one of the best char siu wonton mee in town. I can’t wait to check that out!

Very typical kopitiam setting.

Dry version wonton mee with luscious char siu with exquisite layer of fat & lean meat. I love the caramelized charred bits & the tender layer of fats which busting with flavors. The noodle was springy & the sauce was just nice, not too salty or bland.

Decent serving of wonton.

Other than char siu wonton mee, Chan Meng Kee also serves roast pork (siu yoke), roast duck, poached chicken, wild boar curry & beef brisket (ngau lam) which definitely lure me for a second visit 🙂

Chan Meng Kee

32, Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya.

Business Hour: 8am – 3pm daily except Monday

Restoran Chan Meng Kee at Petaling Jaya


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