Chang Jiang White Coffee @ Ipoh

White coffee is synonymous with Ipoh.

Ipoh is well-known for producing the best white coffee for many years. In fact, the town is also famous for being one of the pioneers of white coffee in the world.

The term ‘white coffee’ doesn’t mean that the coffee is white in colour but it refers to the unique way of coffee bean roasting techniques that gives it that distinctive taste of coffee.

As a coffee addicted lover, hubby always made it a point that he must have his white coffee fix whenever we travel to this little town.


We stopped by Chang Jiang White Coffee before heading back to KL on our trip couple months ago. Occupied a bungalow in Jalan Windsor with an open car park. There was a waiting list when we reached the cafe slightly after lunch peak hour about 2pm+. The wait was not long though, we were usher to the indoor dining area after 20 minutes of wait.


Al-fresco dining at the terrace nicely decorated with pots of leafy tropical greens.


I apologize for this extremely blur photo of the interior (╥_╥)

The cafe’s setting reminisces a typical old kopitiam with marbled table tops, giant mirror, vintage tiled flooring and glass louver windows. Tables were a bit cramped within the space and the place was buzzing with activities, servers were running in and out from the kitchen as well as noises from the crowd. 


White Coffee (RM4.20) & Fresh Lemon Juice (RM5.80)

For readers who follow me long enough should know that I’m not a coffee drinker, so not much comment of the white coffee but certainly a praiseworthy cup of joe. If you want to know more about history of Chang Jiang White Coffee, click HERE


The menu featured small selection of noodles and rice dishes, as well as some light bites such as toasts, half boiled egg and fried wontons. 

Toast (RM5.10)

Toasts with kaya and butter.


Fried Wonton (RM5.20)


Traditional Wonton Mee (RM8.20)

The dry Wonton Mee came with minced chicken, blanched baby bok choy and fried onion, as well as a bowl of Wonton soup. Nothing to shout about, a rather mediocre bowl of Wonton Mee which can be found in any usual kopitiams or hawker centres.


Macaroni Soup (RM7.20)

Comfort food of soupy macaroni with meat balls and vegetables. 


There was an area where patrons can purchase their 3-in-1 coffee, tea and chocolate packs.


Nice setting for photography.


Verdict: The food we tried was rather run-off-the-mill and nothing really excited me. So, come only for the coffee (*^.^*)


Chang Jiang White Coffee

7, Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: +605-253 8896

Operating hous: 8.00am to 6.00pm, daily




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