Chinese New Year 2013 Set Menu @ Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Center

A few days after the extravaganza dinner of GAB Media Gathering at Grand Imperial Bangsar Shopping Center, I came back again for their Chinese New Year Set Menu and this was also marked the end of my Lou Sang Marathon of 2013 🙂


Let’s cut down the nonsense and kick started the feast! Shall we?



Soft Shell Crab with Salmon Fish Yee Sang (软壳蟹三文鱼捞生)


Sliced Salmon Fish


Fried Soft Shell Crab


The presence of the crispy fried soft shell crab definitely jazzed up the common Salmon Fish Yee Sang, and it pleased everyone on the table 🙂



Boiled Lotus Soup with “Fatt Choy” and Dried Oyster (好事年年,大吉大利)

It was a satisfying soup and make me felt like something my mom would prepare. The broth was intensely flavored by the ingredients such as lotus root, pork, dried oyster and pork tongue! Yes, pork tongue was used which symbolize “Dai Kat Dai Lei” (Abundance of Prosperity and Good Luck)!



Salted Baked Village Chicken (盐炬马来鸡)


While we still savoring the soup, we were greeted with the whiff of salivating aroma from the salted baked chicken. The tender pieces of chicken were so flavorful with moderate salty taste and this is definitely won everyone’s vote.

PS: The chicken need to pre-order 3 days in advance.



Sauteed Prawns with Lily Bulb, Shimeji Mushroom and Shrimp’s Egg (鲜白合松菌虾子炒虾球)


Our next dish was a vibrant composition of  fresh prawns, shimeji mushrooms, button mushrooms, lily bulbs, sweet peas, carrot and ginger. Not only visually appealing but also taste fabulous from the awesomely bouncy prawns to the delicious gravy infused with dried shrimp’s egg (Har Zi) that coated nicely on every ingredients.



Braised Pig Trotter (横财就手)


I like every dishes arrived on our table pipping hot, can you see the emitted smoke?



The humongous pork trotter was falling-off-the-bone tender doused in a sweet  savory gravy and it proved to be another winner with everyone! The fat layer was literally melt-in-your-mouth and the lean meat was soft, it totally knocked my socks off!



Mini Claypot Rice with Hong Kong Waxed Sausage (煲仔腊味饭)


Served in a mini claypot with soy sauce served separately, the rice was topped with assorted waxed duck, waxed sausage, liver sausage, waxed meat and vegetable. The rice was aromatic and well-seasoned from the extract of the waxed meat however the texture of the rice was too soft for my liking.



Steamed “Nian Gao” and Fried Water Chestnut Cake (椰丝蒸自制年糕拼煎马蹄糕)


The warm thick “Nian Gao” coated with fresh grated coconut was nothing less than spectacular, simple but executed well with grace and glorious! Love to the MAX!


The pan fried water chestnut cake was equally tantalizing too, soft inner with slight crispy edges and the sliced water chestnut within added a pleasant crunchy sensation.

It was a satiated dinner and we left with almost resonating burps.


The huge aquarium with assorted live seafood adorning the main dining area.




Spacious and elegant setting with a few private rooms to cater all sort of functions and casual dining.

Click HERE for more Chinese New Year Set Meal available at Grand Imperial Restaurant.

IMG_4152  Grand Imperial Restaurant
  Lot T5, 3rd Floor
  Bangsar Shopping Centre
  No.285, Jalan Maarof
  Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 K.L
  Tel: +603-22831118

Grand Imperial Restaurant


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