Chinese New Year 2013 Set Menu @ Tao Chinese Cuisne, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

My first visit to Tao Chinese Cuisine was impressive and in less than 2 weeks times I have a chance to revisit for the Chinese New Year Set Menu review session. Chef Wong and his team have whipped up an irresistible range of menus that include all the delicacies associated with fine Chinese dining to celebrate the year of the water snake at Tao.


Chinese New Year Festive Menu

Celebratory Sets (minimum 3 persons) available only for lunch

~ Good Luck (RM 128.00++ person, 7 courses)

~ Good Fortune ((RM 138.00++ person, 8 courses)

Festive Sets (per table of 10 persons) available for lunch and dinner

~ Auspicious (RM 1,488.00++, 8 courses)

~ Joyous Reunion (RM 1,888.00++, 8 courses)

~ Prosperity (RM 2,288.00++, 7 courses)



Top Shell with Salmon and Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang

Kick started with the customary dish of Chinese New Year, the Yee Sang. Apart from the usual condiments of shredded pickled vegetables, fruit, peanuts, crackers and sauces, Tao has incorporated a special ingredients to the Yee Sang which really stimulated overall flavor!


Ta ta!! Wasabi was the unique ingredients. Not really a strong distinctive taste but manage to give the Yee Sang an interesting twist.



Nicely sliced salmon and Top Shell


I think not only me wish that Yee Sang is available all year long and not only when Chinese New Year.

 Savoring the different variations of Yee Sang at Tao such as Abalone with Snow Pearl Yee Sang, Tempura Mushroom with Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang, Mixed Lettuce with Balsamic Vinegar Yee Sang or Salmon Yee Sang. You may also enhance your Yee Sang with Lobster, Truffle, Baby Octopus, Jelly Fish or Mango.



Double Boiled Baby Abalone with Fish Maw with Cordyceps Flower Soup

Luxurious ingredients signifying prosperous Chinese New Year such as baby abalone, fish maw and dried scallop swam in the golden broth. The soup was clear but intensely flavored from the hours of double boiling the precious sea treasures.



Tao’s Crispy Roasted Duck with Chinese Angelic


The nest dish was the aromatic roasted duck with Chinese Angelic (Dong Guai). The de-boned roasted duck was tender and the glistening skin was crispy, a double enjoyment I would say. I also got a whiff of Chinese Angelic and Shaoxing Wine  used in marinades as I bite into the meat



Steamed Pomfret with Crispy Ginger and Dried Tangerine Skin


The beautiful fish was steamed with abundance of julienned ginger and dried tangerine skin (Chen Pi) then topped with coriander leaves. Well-controlled of the timing of cooking retained the firm texture of the fish and there was a refreshing citrus tang from tangerine skin too



Deep Fried Crispy Scallop Served with Wasabi Dressing


The fresh scallop from America was thinly battered then deep fried to a perfect golden finish and topped with moreish wasabi mayonnaise dressing. The scallop was still remained succulent despite being deep fried and the fish roes definitely added a pleasure “popping” sensation to the palate.



Braised Sea Cucumber, Money Bag and Dried Oyster Sea Moss Rolls


Appeared in a cheerful orange-y hue, all the ingredients were nestled in a pool of pumpkin gravy. The braised whole sea cucumber full of collagen was soft and gelatinous while the dried oyster sea moss rolls was bouncy. Also noteworthy of the dish lies in the money bag with a filling of diced mushroom, carrot and dried scallop that cooked just right with a nice savory taste.



Stir Fried Shanghai “Ninko” Noodles and Seafood with Spicy Scallop Sauce

Instead of Lap Mei Fan (Waxed Meat Rice), we were served with this XO Sauce fried Shanghai “Ninko”. Laden bountifully with seafood such as big scallop, fish fillets and jade abalone, the “wok hei” was so distinctively present and I believe this need a lot of skills to make it outstanding. The whiff of aroma from this dish was salivating to say the least and add in the crispy  thinly sliced chicken ham definitely a brilliant idea for extra biting pleasure.



Deep Fried “Ninko”


The combination of textures from the soft chewy “Ninko” sandwiched with yam and sweet potato then fried to a crisp was really nice. Simple but executed well however I prefer the “Ninko” could be more thicker in size 😛


Chilled Hawthorn, Snow Fungus and Lotus Seeds

A refreshing chilled dessert after the lavish meal. I personally love the subtle sourness from the Hawthorn (San Za) and I enjoyed immensely munching on the crunchy snow fungus and lotus seeds too.


Beside the Chinese New Year SEt Menu, we also had chance to sample some of Tao’s dim sum selection.


Vegetarian Dumpling


Har Gau


Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Spring Rolls (RM 18.00++)


Deep Fried Mashed Taro (RM 12.00++)


Deep Fried Black Pepper Smoked Duck with Sweet Potato and Cheese (RM 17.00++)


Tao Chinese Cuisine
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur,
165 Jalan Ampang,
50450 KL.
Tel: +603-2782-6128

Tao Chinese Cuisine


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