Christmas Menu @ Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant, Starhill Gallery

Bumper to bumper Christmas Menu post 🙂  Read my previous Christmas Menu HERE.


Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant, one of the restaurant tucked at the Feast Village of Starhill Gallery that houses 12 upscale restaurants offering with an exotic array of culinary delights ranging from Asian to Mediterranean and a bar.


The setting is resembled a rustic boathouse, ever imagine having a delightful seafood meal right beside the sails?




The whole place is dimly lit, equipped with sturdy wooden tables & chairs with nice table setting.



Diners looking for a little more privacy can step up to the mezzanine and sit at the booths that resemble a houseboat’s bamboo shed.




Some fisherman’s equipments adorned the interior of the restaurant that get a feel of a fisherman’s lifestyle.



The open concept kitchen.



One can expect nothing but the freshest catch of the day, pick your choices and choose the preparation or you can ask for chef’s recommendation anytime 🙂



Need a little bit seasoning for your food?


I was here last week to savor Fisherman’s Cove’s Christmas Menu which available on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at RM168++ (food only) or RM268++ with wine pairing.


Warm bread was served before the dinner started.



Amuse Bouche – Pan Seared Foie Gras

The foie gras had a crisp outer while the inner was dense with lustrous flavors. Heaven in one bite! Amuse Bouche will be vary and this is a little surprise from the chef.



Oven Baked Pacific Rock Oysters

Not fancy raw oyster, I glee with joy when I saw my oysters were nicely baked in golden with savory mornay and parmigiano reggiano sauce. The oysters were not overly done, the juiciness and the briny taste still retained.



Blue Lobster Cappucino


Mysteriously covered by a frothy topping, this blue lobster soup was richly imbued with essence of the king of crustacean. Each spoonful was so robust and full of flavors.  The accompanied champagne garlic toast was thin and crispy, a brilliant alternative to the common garlic bread.


Although only 2 options is available for the mains but the difficulty is there~~~ Believe me, we all had hard time choosing which to go for….. At last we shared the mains and luckily we did that as both of them really struck a chord with us!


Roasted Fillet Of Atlantic Cod

The generous serving of delicate cod was perfectly prepared with a texture that just melts-in-the-mouth. The flavor was light and showcased the natural sweetness of the fish and the melted aged brie and caramelized gold onions did jazzed up the overall taste.



Braised Austrialian Wagyu 

Seafood is their forte, but the meat dishes are streaming for attention too!

Meticulously crafted by Chef Wai, the Wagyu beef was sous-vide for hours rendering a pinkish center still remained with a fabulous tender texture which fall apart with the prod of my fork. I was speechless at least for that few seconds when I had a bite of this highly prized meat as it was literally melt in my mouth without much munching action. The beef was paired with Burgundy reduction and sides of grilled button mushrroms and gnocchi.



Snow White Yule Log


Our dessert was a cut of chocolate yule log cake with organic berries compote. That slice of cake was moist with very intense chocolatey taste, providing an adequately sweet ending to our dinner that evening.


Christmas Menu

RM168++ food only or RM268++ with wine pairing

Available on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 7.00pm to 11.00pm


IMG_3222  Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant
  LG 10, Feast Village
  Starhill Gallery, 181
  Jalan Bukit Bintang
  55100 Kuala Lumpur
  Tel : +603-2782 3848  Opening hours :
Monday – Sunday : 12pm – 1am


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