Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子@ Sunway Visio Tower, Cheras

Joining the ranks of China hotpot restaurants at Sunway Valeocity, to be precise, Sunway Visio Tower, Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子has brought the authentic taste of Sichuan hotpot to Malaysia.


Originating from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Chuanxi Bazi with over 20 years of experience now has nearly three hundred stores across China. Malaysia’s first Chuanxi Bazi restaurant at Sunway Visio Tower spanning over 3600 sq ft which can accommodate up to 155 diners as well as comes with two private rooms.


The interior of the restaurant plays heavily on authentic Chinese feel, from the hanging lanterns, wooden carving panels ceiling with oriental motif as well as the Chinese inspired paintings.


Seasoning Ingredients (RM5.00/pax)

The sauce station with variety of condiments and sauces to allow diners to customize their preferred dipping sauce. One can also try out their recommendations of concoctions. 


There are four types of soup base – Spicy Soup with Butter (RM40.00), Spicy Soup with Vegetable Oil (RM38.00), Tomato Soup (RM32.00) & Mushroom Soup (RM32.00). Combination of two soup bases in one pot also available (RM38.00/pot)


We were served with Spicy Soup with Butter and Tomato Soup on their launching day. The  signature spicy soup with Szechuan pepper as the main ingredient for the distinct hot pot spicy kick is a mix of heavenly spiced broth and oil. It is part of the fundamental of the history of this food that transcends time, space, geography, and demographic.

The tomato broth was intensely flavoured with appetizing tomato tang, certainly not a bad choice for those who have low tolerance to spicy food.


There are abundant of ingredient choices in the menu and recommended cooking time for each items is clearly stated as well. 


Signature Crunchy Beef Tripe (RM32.00)


Two-Flavour Shrimp Paste (RM32.00)

Both from the list of Chef’s Recommendations, the beef tripe holds true to its name with pleasant crunchy texture while the shrimp paste when shaping into shrimp balls was bouncy with natural sweetness of the crustacean.

Other items on the list are Spicy Beef (RM22.00), Signature Duck Liver (RM28.00), “Chopstick” Pork (RM22.00), Pork Paste (RM28.00) & Beef Paste (RM32.00)


Pork Belly (RM18.00)

Pork belly slices are one of the essential orders for any hotpot meal especially those thinly sliced. Just cook in the hot broth for merely 20 seconds to enjoy its best texture.


Pork Ball with Quail Egg (RM22.00)

Both from the Signature dishes list, there are options such as Spare Rib (RM28.00), Duck Intestine (RM28.00), Pork Liver (RM18.00), Duck Feet (RM18.00), Australian Beef Slice (RM38.00), Duck Head (RM8.00/pcs), Duck Neck (RM8.00/pcs) and many more.


Fu Chuk Roll (RM12.00)

Best ingredients to absorb the flavour of the broth, a must order!


Quail Eggs (RM12.00)


Herbal Noodle (RM12.00)

Made from Chinese Yam (San Yao 山药), the noodles have an interesting chewy texture resembles cellophane noodles aka Dong Fun (冬粉) but slightly more compact.

Other categories of hotpot ingredients in the menu included Premium Meat Selections (Pork Kidney, Luncheon Meat, Mini Pomfret, Premium Prawn, Cuttle Fish, Lamb Slices & etc), Signature Vegetarian Dishes (Black Fungus, Nian Gao, Udon, Homemade Pancake and assorted muchrooms) and Vegetables Selections.


Crispy Fried Pork (RM16.00)

Beijing Yoghurt (RM6.00)

Good selection of snacks such as Sweet Corn Bun (RM3.00/2pcs), You Tiao (RM12.00), Homemade Jelly (RM4.00), Fried Rice (RM3.00) and Pumpkin Cake (RM8.00) are great to munch on while waiting for the hotpot to be ready. 


Verdict: China Chinese style hotpot definitely a trend now in our F&B scene considering the amount of the restaurants sprouting up in various areas of Klang Valley and other states like Penang and Johor. The price range might be on higher side but commensurate with the overall experience and the quality of food.


Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子

2nd floor, V03A-02-02, Sunway Visio Tower (V03A),

Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity, 55100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-9202 3028

Operating hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm, daily




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