Chunciou Hot Pot 春秋战锅 @ Old Klang Road

Originated from Taiwan, Chunciou Hot Pot 春秋战锅 is an “All You Can Eat” Taiwanese hot pot with a rather “premium” price of RM 75++ for a duration of 120 minutes dining time. Taiwan always famous for their hotpot (especially Malat hotpot) and as a hotpot enthusiast, I regretted for not trying any during my previous two visits.


Situated along the busy street of Old Klang Road,  Chunciou Hot Pot is a stand-alone double-storey building in black with a huge signage which you can hardly miss upon passing by. Chunciou, the Spring and Autumn period was an ancient Chinese chronicle from approximately 771 to 476 BC. Echoing the its name, a pair of terracotta warrior replicas stand proudly at the reception counter welcomed us once we entered the restaurant.


The waiting area with two eye-catching red high chairs.


The dining area occupy two floors and we were seated at the ground floor. The restaurant is spacious and beautifully illuminated with ambient lighting. A mixture of raw brick, bright red and bamboo beams walls, modern wooden furniture and beehive pattern flooring, creating a contemporary dining space with historical charm. Tables are well arranged with geometric divider placed between provide an adequate privacy for diners.


Tissues were conveniently placed in drawer of our table. Please be reminded that service was a bit slower during our visit on Sunday evening which most probably caused by the massive crowd. But the servers were soft-spoken, attentive and soup base was constantly refill nonetheless, Taiwan style to be exact if you’ve been to Taiwan.


Various beverages are available at the buffet bar ranging from soft drinks, ice lemon tea, coffee and Chinese tea.

Apart from beverages, there are more than 15 types of sauces and condiments at the buffet bar as well. One can create your own combination of dipping sauce to go with the steamboat ingredients.


You may also follow the “recipe” for their special concoction of dipping sauce or ask for assist from the staff to mix it for you.


Chunciou provides six types of soup base namely Sukiyaki Soup 寿喜汤底, Lakesalt Soup 湖盐汤底, Tonkatsu Soup 高级豚骨汤, Spicy Soup 蒙古麻辣汤底,
Herbal Soup 台湾药膳汤底 and Tomyam Soup 东炎汤底.
We had the Tonkatsu Soup and Herbal Soup. The Tonkatsu Soup was well flavoured, although not as intense as THIS but still decent enough. The latter on the other hand was very aromatic but pretty mild in flavor.


One of the attractive point that people raved about this place was this visually enticing presentation of their signature Australian Striplion which was hanging on a rack on top of dried ice. But just to let you know that the meat will only be served in this manner once and the subsequent order will be served in the normal container.


We were spoilt with myriad choices of meats such as Australian Ribeyes, Lamb Shoulder Roll, Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly, Duck Roll and Chicken Fillet. Since this is a “served-to-table” style “All You Can Eat” buffet, your order will be delivered to your table by the staff. You can have unlimited order for these meat although they were not the top notch quality but I can live with that. 


There is startling array of meat balls (more than 20 choices) in the menu but you will be presented with a long tray like the photo above filled with some of their popular meat balls before you make any order. Some of the ingredients are imported from Taiwan and my favourite were Homemade Meat Ball and Premium Cuttlefish Ball for its pleasant bouncy texture as well as Cheese Prawn Ball Wasabi Ball for the bursting sensation upon biting into it.


Seafood option also available. Notice the Ma Chi in the second photo? This is also one of the hot pot ingredients that you can cook in the soup, special right?


Mama said we can’t skip out vegetables, so make sure you order some vegetables to go with your hot pot. Throw in some white carrot, cabbage and corn to further enhance the flavour of your soup base. Noodles selection such as Udon, Dongfen and spinach noodles if you must have your carbo intake. Beancurd skin, beancurd puff and fried breadstick are best companion for hot pot too.
The  Lou Rou Fan 卤肉饭 (braised pork rice) was pretty good too.


There were only 3 desserts in the menu and we tried all. The ice cream was nothing to shout about but the red bean soup was good. Our first time tried the sweet lemon slices, it was super sour and the sugar didn’t help to tone down the sourness, but this can be a good palate cleanser I must say.


The happy diners ^__^


Verdict: I like the comfy dining environment and warm service but for RM75.00++, Chunciou Hot Pot definitely not a place I can go to often. If you love hot pot, have a good appetite, can eat fast and willing to splurge a little bit more, this is the place for you 🙂


Chunciou Hot Pot 春秋战锅

Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6018-375 6368

Operating Hours: Mon – Thur: 6.00pm to 2.00am, Fri: 6.00pm 3.00am

                             Sat & Public Holidays eve: 5.00pm to 3.00am

                             Sun: 5.00pm – 2.00am


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