>Company Annual Dinner

>Well, I rarely blog bout my work-related thingy. But this time, I’m gonna blog bout it as it’s the very first time my “tiny” company held its annual dinner at a one, two, three, four (nope).. at FIVE-star hotel! 🙂

I know it’s nothing for most of you but for my company has only less than 20 staffs, so it’s kinda big deal for my company.. (oh plz.. i can hear you laughing… hehe)..

Beware.. lots of photos coming

Temptation @ Renaissance Hotel


Special baloon decoration for our section

Table Setting & decoration

Variety of food selections :-

Broccoli & corn soup – Both also taste bland and not hot enough when serving…. not nice at all 🙁

Fresh oyster

Oyster, mussel, prawn, small lobster & all sort of sushi & sashimi section

Chocolate Fountain – First time tried this but I don’t like the bitterness of the chocolate 🙁

Satay – One of the popular food especially the chicken flavor

Some dim sum

Mee soup

Dessert bar

well… “Temptation” is really tempting my stomach..
Cheers 🙂


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