Crème De La Crème (CDLC) @ Damansara Uptown

Whenever an eatery implies it is the best in the business, especially if that’s the name of your eatery, you should set a very high expectation.

With a little bit of translation; Crème De La Crème, the latest ice-cream dessert shop located in Damansara Uptown, means “best of the best” in French. The verdict? I am impressed!


We were greeted by enthusiastic “welcome” greeting by the staff as well as a display chiller showcased 18 delightful artisanal ice creams and sorbets.  All these freshly churned goodness are made from 💯% NATURAL ingredients with no artificial flavourings, artificial colourings and preservatives.

Their signature flavours included Gold Digger, Cookies & Cream, French Earl Grey Boba and Mango Passion Sorbet. Others interesting flavours comprise Tau Fu Fah, Black Forest, Pandan Kaya Toast, Honey Jasmine and Pink Guava and more classic favourites. The flavours are rotated daily with some seasonal flavours which only available for certain period. For example, they had Jalur Gemilang during our visit, in conjunction with celebration of Malaysia Day.

Ice cream and sorbet are priced from RM10.90 onward, served in cups or waffle cones.


There is another display chiller filled with exquisite selection of Petits Gateaux (Ice Cream Cakes), adeptly crafted by a team of pastry chefs which are personally trained by world renowned dessert master, Christy Tania, a Melbourne based pastry chef and well known to the public from her regular appearances on Master Chef Australia.


There are some tea merchandises too.


The interior with the Instagramable neon light unicorn and minimalist setting are bound to lure faithful followers. It’s a very comfortable and casual vibe that I certainly enjoy.


See the magic happens through this window!


Are you ready for Malaysia’s best ice cream?


Unicorn Dream (RM18.00)

The team has curated a fascinating drink menu featuring a few unique concoctions such as the above Unicorn Dream, Pink! (RM12.00), Summer Vibe (RM12.00), Matcha Monster (RM18.00) and Earl Grey Boba (RM12.00), all with equally eye-catching and instaworthy appearance.

Besides all the above mentioned drinks, CDLC also serves up coffees, teas and chocolate.


Made from freshly squeezed lemonade and soda water, infused with butterfly pea flower, and topped with Dragonfruit Strawberry sorbet! It was attractive to the eye and refreshing on the taste bud.


Dragon Rose Sorbet

I wanted a fruity flavour ice cream and was recommended to get this Dragon Rose Sorbet which made from dragon fruit, lychee and French rose buds. Refreshing and the fruity note was really hit the spot!


Mango Passion Sorbet + Gold Digger

Made from highly prized Alphonso mango from Indian for its honey sweetness, buttery richness & intense mango flavour. It is blended with passion fruit to achieve a well balanced flavour of sweetness and sourness which gave your taste bud a tropical explosion!

I love everything with caramel, and the Gold Digger proved to be good choice with ultra smooth caramel ice cream, contrasted with sea salt and finished with homemade organic honeycomb & rich chocolate ganache.


Onde-Onde (RM25.00)

Available for a limited time period only, this Petits Gateaux inspired by local Malaysian flavours is a truly exceptional creation and definitely a must try!

The Onde-onde is covered with grated coconut and sit on bed of nutty cornflake crunch. It’s recommended to pop the whole Onde-onde into your mouth and enjoy the natural fragrance and taste of rich Pandan Kaya ice cream, nicely balanced with subtle hint ginger sorbet. Followed by the oozing Gula Melaka syrup, I was on cloud nine, literally…..

This was almost a perfect dessert in my book. Almost. Not absolutely perfect (I would have hoped the size can be a little bit smaller) but close enough. It’s a treat that would definitely win hearts of many. 


Flamingo (RM25.00)

The ice cream cake in elegant swan shape was a delightful mix of Strawberry and Madagascar Vanilla ice cream with Dragon Fruit Strawberry sorbet, encased in a pretty berries and chocolate glaze. The red almond sponge and passionfruit crémeux provided a textural contrast to the overall bite.


Verdict: Artisanal ice cream and Petits Gateaux which is persuasively appealing in terms of appearance and flavours, it’s certainly a place that can make me HAPPY! A cool and much needed relief on recent hot hazy days.



Crème De La Crème (CDLC)

35G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Same row with Hong Leong Bank)
Tel: +603-7494 0735
Operating hours: Sun – Thurs: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
                             Fri & Sat: 12.00pm to 12.00am



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