>Dai Chow @ Jalan Ipoh

>Without recommendation of our fellow blogger friend, I think I definitely won’t discover this dai chow at secluded area of Jalan Ipoh. (Somewhere behind the HSBC Jalan Ipoh)

Located just opposite this huge Chinese Temple.

A road sign to the way of the temple

This dai chow situated beside the river, Klang River I assume? Many people fishing there, I wondered what fish they will get ler….. ~.~

I’ve tried all the food that he tried, all taste not bad at all especially the fried rice cake aka “be ge”.

One of their signature dish, Claypot Fish Head Noodle. Other than the normal ingredients like fried fish head/meat, tomato cubes, pickled veggie & ginger, they also add in fish balls, fried fu chuk and yam.

The serving may look like quite big but not much fish head/meat given.

Fried Rice Cake aka “be ge”
This chewy rice cake was cook with Hokkien Mee style & garnished with lots of Chinese celery which a bit too overwhelming. But it still taste great 🙂

Thai Style Tofu
A very common dish that you can get at any dai chow or restaurant. Fried tofu & topped with thinly sliced cucumber & grounded peanuts drenched in Thai chili sauce.

Jalan Mangga
Off Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur.

(Behind HSBC)

Dai Chow


  • >very very nice and artistic photo, mimi. 🙂

  • >Oooo…that Claypot Fish Head Noodle, I WANT!!!

    Awesome photos!

  • Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

    >Just look at your nice photos, I know the food are nice.

  • >a place new to me, I will try to visit it. be ge good neh…

  • >looks very decent- if i ever pop over to jalan ipoh, will try it 🙂

  • >It's been a while since I last had the chewy rice cake, and they look delicious.

  • >I'm going to pengsan if I order the fried rice cake, cuz I don't like the smell of Chinese celery.

  • >Nice pictures! Well taken!

  • >The Thai Style Tofu looks very soft & nice~

  • >看了都流口水

  • >this is interesting, we also found something very similar just not far from this place! all so hidden!

  • >eh, like your pic neh~ nice nice

  • >suddenly i am drooling at the thai style tofu, looks so smooth and soft *drool*

  • >Great find. Thanks to tummythoz huh? those rice cakes can be found at two outlets (that I know of) at Old Klang Road. classic stuff.

  • >Fried rice cake!!! I remember reading this elsewhere sometime ago and promised myself I needed to go! Thanks for reminding me!!

  • >ai wie: Thanks sweetie 🙂

    colin: I think it's hard to get at US hor… 😛

    sonia: Drooling over my photo ya…hehe ^.^

    Sin Tai Lim: Wait for your review~~

    sc: Hope u like it 🙂

    ck lam: Indeed 🙂

    little inbox: Remember to ask them get rid of the veggie if u have this, haha~~XD

  • >super wilson: TQ 🙂

    shell: The Thai chili sauce compliment the tafu very well 🙂

    sock peng: Don't let ur saliva drip onto ur keyboard o… 😛

    bbo: Faster share with us ~~

    taufulou: 10q ler…

    xin: The tofu nice to be eaten with the Thai chili sauce & peanuts!!!

    j2kfm: Ya, thanks to tummythoz 🙂 OKR is quite far for me, I'll get my fried rice cake fix here 🙂

    minchow: u r welcome ~.~

  • >wah,. I do knw jln ipoh got lots of hidden gems loh..old old ppl area mahh 😉
    But tht rice cake got my attention! I love my carbs 😉
    But it is like hakka abacus seeds ahh?

  • >這個地方我最近才想說要去
    就在前幾天看到有人介紹 覺得相當吸引
    是不是在 batu 3 KFC 對面的HSBC 後面阿?

    p/s 你的相片越來越美了呢 賞心悅目 ^^

  • >thenomadgourmand: I think the Hakka abacus more drier than this, this resembled hokkien mee …

    流浪影子: Yea, opposite the KFC 🙂 Thanks for ur compliments ya 😛

  • >hi, may i know their business hour? do they have off day? are they open during public holiday?

  • >Chung: Sorry I can't provide the exact business hour but I went there on Saturday afternoon when lunch time 🙂

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