Dihua Street 迪化街 @ Dadaocheng 大稻埕 , Taipei ~ Giveaway!

Dadaocheng 大稻埕, an area in Datong District 大同区 , Taipei, Taiwan which was once the most prosperous area in the 19th century. Dadaocheng and the neighboring Wanhua district were the heart of commercial activity such as tea, cotton and silk textiles in Taiwan in the 1800s. Dihua Street 迪化街, a charming little street at Dadaocheng and it is also one of the oldest street in Taipei. I have chance to explore this historical street during my last Taipei trip.


Dihua Street is relatively quiet on ordinary days, but will become lively and crowded when Chinese Lunar New Year approaching. It was 3 weeks before Chinese New Year during my visit, so I could saw some preparation works were being done, such as building outdoor vendor booth and putting up decoration banners and lights. This place really exuded a overwhelming vibe of festive season.


These are the photos I got from the internet which show how packed the pedestrian area as well as vendors that fill the space before CNY.

Wide variety of food products and other items that local households might need to get ready for the New Year’s celebrations are placed both inside the shop and on the corridor. The most surprising part during our stroll was free samples were on offer at nearly every vendor. The affable staffs handed out their products such as dried fruit chips, candies, dried squid, nuts and even the premium Taiwanese Mullet Roe (乌魚子) to us when we went near their shop, literally eat-all-you-can! They didn’t show any unhappy face even thought we didn’t make any purchase, none of them, seriously. I think this will never happen in Malaysia! An unforgettable experiences indeed.


Yes, we did buy some snacks and dried seafood especially the dried fruit and vegetables, there are startling array of them!


If you like cooking just like me, do prepare more cash because all the cooking ingredients you can possibly think of when it comes to dried goods can be found at Dihua Street. I spent 1/3 of my pocket money here, no kidding! Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you’ll be delighted at the sight of the wide array of colorful and fragrant delicacies. It certainly is a feast for the eyes!


Various of shops at Dihua Street.



Going to Dihua Street is like taking a ride in a time machine. You’ll feel as if you’ve suddenly time-traveled to some point between the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

The foreign influence on Dadaocheng’s glory years is certainly evident here, with the buildings a palimpsest of the Fujianese, European Baroque and Classical, and Japanese Colonial styles. Features such as mottled walls, exposed brick walls and antique wood frame windows bring back long-forgotten days. The long, narrow townhouse style structures seem to draw people inside and you’ll find yourself immersed in the atmosphere of yesteryear.


Tea shop set in first shophouse at Dadaocheng with 166 years of history (built at 1851)


Experience tea culture and learn how to appreciate tea and serve tea here or join the guided tour (available every Saturday) if you wish to know more about the history of this old house.


The back part of the shop is remained for residential purpose.

Zhenwei Teahouse 臻味茶苑 @ 林家祖厝(林五湖祖厝)

No.156, Dihua Street 台北市迪化街一段156號


The oldest Watson in Taipei but now has transformed into a bookshop.


An enticing cafe cum art craft shop hidden in Dihua Street.

frog. cafe 蛙.咖啡

No.13, Dihua Street 台北市大同区迪化街一段13号


If you’re currently single and on the lookout for your other half, you might want to consider making a visit to the Old Man under the Moon (月下老人) at this centuries old Xiahai City God Temple 台北霞海城隍庙. The old temple houses the City God and his wife.  Thousands of worshippers come here every year, for it is said that this deity listens to their prayers regarding potential mates and a plethora of other issues. The temple is particularly lively and crowded for Chinese Valentine’s Day (7th day of the 7th lunar month).

Xiahai City God Temple 台北霞海城隍庙

No.61, Dihua Street 台北市迪化街一段61号


Yongle Textiles Market 永乐布业商场

No.21, Dihua Street 台北市大同区迪化街一段21号


We had Taiwanese style afternoon tea in form of red bean soup, peanut soup and Chinese crullers (You Tiao 油条) The pipping hot sweet soups were just perfect for chilled weather. They were thick, creamy yet remained the pleasant bite of red beans and peanut, simply spot on!

颜记古早味花生汤 (茂丰)

No.21, Dihua Street 台北市大同区迪化街一段21号

Actually there is a wharf at north end of Guide Street 贵德街, a few blocks from Dihua Street ~ the Dadaocheng Wharf (大稻埕码头). Functioning primarily now as a ferry port provide ferry service to or from Tamsui by which is available during the weekends. Bikeway by the wharf is ideal for a riverside cycling, a different way to enjoy the scenic and historic Dadaocheng.

How to get there:
By Taipei Sightseeing Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus (Both Red or Blue line), align at North Gate 北门 then walk for 8-10 minutes to Dadaocheng.

By MRT, you can get off at Daqiaotou Station 大桥头站 (Luzhou Line 芦洲线) and then walk for 5 minutes. You can also get off at either Shuanglian 双连站 or Zhongshan 中山站 Station (Danshui Line 淡水线) and then walk for about 10 minutes.

Verdict: The Dihua Street experience is an enchanting, superlative time-space stour. It is indeed an excellent place to enjoy the joyful atmosphere and to experience Taiwan culture.

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