Doyaji Korean Jeju BBQ @ Plaza Arkadia

This was a CNY lunch meetup with Jenn for Ang Pow giving and catch up with each other. Since both of us are big Korean food fans, Jenn suggested to try out Doyaji at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, which is a convenient location for us.


Strategically located near the main courtyard (fountain area), Doyaji Korean Jeju BBQ occupied two storey of dining area. There’s a row of tables against the wall, brick-wall-partitioned seating as well as a private dining area further at the end of the restaurant on the ground floor. But I’m not sure about the setting on first floor though.


The complimentary Banchan didn’t really impress me (even on my second visit with my family), for both variety and flavours.


Their full fledged menu offered the quintessential Korean barbeque meat which included pork (price ranging from RM26-RM49 per portion), beef (beef ribs – RM99 & short ribs – RM89 ), lamb shoulder rack (RM48) and smoked duck (RM28), assorted of stews (Budae Jjigae, Kimchi Hotpot, Gamjatang & etc), noodles and rice dishes. Snack such as pancakes, Ddekbokki and corn cheese are available too. The beverage menu comprised Makgeolli, beers, Sojus, Soju cocktails, soft drinks and complimentary drinking water was provided.

Set meals catered for different groups of pax which came with meat, stews, noodles and snacks made the ordering easier. Price ranging from RM72 (for 2pax) to RM268 (for 4-6pax).

Portion and price wise, fairly standard for Korean restaurant. The barbequed pork we had were just decent and nothing out of the odinary.


Soy Bean Soup & Kimchi Pancake – included in the set meal we ordered (RM128, for 3-5pax). Pork collar, pork belly, spicy pork and marinated pork were meat selection in this set.


Black Bean Sauce Noodles (RM17.00)

Kimchi Ramen (RM13.00)

Noodle bowls for the kids.


Verdict: While the offerings were nothing much different with other Korean restaurants, the flavours of the food was put into consideration to decide whether the visit was worthy. The banchan were a little bit disappointed and the food did not mind blowing too (for my both visit). Meat grilling was done at one of the table at the back of the restaurant, but there’s no retractable chimney was in sight, rather poor ventilation I would say. Revisit? Perhaps, not so soon.


Doyaji Korean Jeju BBQ

A-G-10, Plaza Arkadia, Jalan Residen 3

Desa Parkcity 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-6411 8292

Operating hours: 11.30am to 3.00pm, 5.00pm to 11.00pm, daily



  • My new office is just right in that area but I have yet to eat at this Korean Restaurant. Your comments is making me hesitate la. LOLOL

    I always eat at the Taiwanese restaurant as the food is delicious and cheap too.

    • TM, still can try if you crave for Korean food, hehe 😛
      I know the Taiwanese restaurant that you mentioned and I visited twice and blogged about my first visit. They offer wide variety of food.

  • Looks like you had a porky fest here. ^_~ The price of your set at RM128 which can feed four seems very reasonable. Huh, what Korean BBQ restaurant doesn’t have retractable exhaust pipes/fans? You can’t do your own grilling?

    • Kris, actually I visited a few Korean restaurant that didn’t have retractable exhaust pipes/fans =.=” The server didn’t offer us options of own grilling or done by them, but if he did, I would opt for they grill for us too 😛

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