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>It’s lunchtime on Sunday. Me+hubby decided to have lunch at Soon Lei Fish Head Noodle @ Jalan Kuchai Lama but it was packed to the brim as the queue line extended to outside the restaurant.. 🙁

Since waiting is a no-no under the freaking hot sun (my soon-to-be-born baby was playing tantrum inside me) so we circled around that area for another restaurant.

Choices are aplenty as there are many restaurants at every nook & cranny of Kuchai Lama area~~ Finally we decided to settle our lunch here~~ Esquire Kitchen of Taipei 台湾风味馆

Chrysanthemum Pu Er Tea (菊花普饵茶) – RM 7.00 (Refillable)

Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭) – RM 4.90
This is one of the staple food of Taiwanese & I believe the most popular item in this restaurant cause I saw many customers order it. The pork chunks is a bit bigger compared to the Taiwan version as featured in Taiwan TV program. The braised gravy given also too little but overall it is good 🙂

Stew Pork Sandwich (割包) – RM 4.90
Soft bun with stew pork, pickled veggie, crunched peanuts & coriander filling. Not a new food for me (always appear in Taiwan TV program too) but definitely my 1st time trying it 🙂
It would taste better if the pork is softer~~

Chicken Drumstick Rice (鸡腿饭) – RM 10.90
White rice with a few side dishes such as fried veggie & pickled veggie + a big fried drumstick!!! It might look dry from the outlook but the flesh is tender & succulent.

Verdict: Have a quite extensive menu of Taiwanese snacks, rice & noodle set. Service is prompt & attentive, I don’t mind to come back for more to satisfy my Taiwanese food craving~~

Esquire Kitchen Of Taipei

5, Jalan 10/116B
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-79801888

Mon~Sun : 11am to 10pm


  • >台湾料理,我最喜欢吃卤肉饭^^

  • >yeah, soon lei can get really really packed. best to go after lunchtime, i think..hehe..

    and i was surprised with the good number of makans at jalan kuchai lama too! even yue ai, that tomyam noodle place in segambut opened a branch there!

  • >yea, me agrees wiv nic! lots to eat at kuchai. lunch is hot and packed i have to say.. not a great idea if you are in a suit!

  • >Yummy food + good photos! Thank you!

  • >the food looks really good! will try it if i am there ever 😀 btw, i think most of the 'taiwanese' restaurants have similar menu. eg little taiwan

  • >Taiwanese food is the same like hokkian food?

  • >Hmm…looks authentic. Got time will go try.

  • >Oo, these places are near my place. I've been to this restaurant before, didn't know why but I found it rather average.

    And the fish head noodles, can't believe I still haven't try it out yet even though quite a few times I passed by without a long queue.

  • >割包? One pao cut into half, that's why it got the name? Haha…

  • >Nic : Yu Ai even got a branch in Bkt Tinggi, Klang, if i rmbr correctly.

    but i was surprised at how well equipped Kuchai Lama is, with eateries.

  • 550ml jar of faith

    >The Pork sandwich and the chicken drumstick looks so damn inviting!! Kuchai is so near my place, yet I've not actually eaten there before. Must fix that soon!

  • >this is in kuchai lama?! gonna pay a visit as soon as my best-ie is back 😛

  • kawazoe.ivy™ (:*

    >我超喜歡去哪里的… 已經去過好幾次了!! ^^

  • >Esquire Kitchen of Taipei…is it part of the Esquire Kitchen chain ar?
    It's been such a long time since I've gone to Esquire ler….

  • >谗鬼: 也是最普遍的台湾食物 🙂

    nic: But hor..I'll feel hungry b4 lunchtime, how ar? =.=

    c & c: Donno when can try all of them??

    colin: Thanks 🙂

    xin: Ya, similar menu~

    selba: Not really I think 🙂

    simon: Hope u like it 🙂

  • >sugar bean: U have to Q now if u 1 2 try that fish head noodle *sigh*

    little inbox: I think so, hehe 😛

    j2kfm: But can't visit often coz quite a distance from my hse 🙁

    550ml jar of faith: U should explore there often since it's near ur place~~

    ai wei: U will spoil with choices 😛

    kawazoe: 你住附近吗?

    christy: They are not related~~

  • >The tea was rather costly, doesn't it?

  • >Ahhh… food here there, everywhere!

  • >stew pork bun looks appetising 🙂

  • >typical Taiwanese street food.

  • thenomadGourmand

    >yes, kuchai lama is a hidden gem!
    I so must try tht soon lei aft AWOL blogged abt it!
    Not to go at lunchtime? hhmm..make it tea then 😉

  • >jason: Bot really lah, it's for 2 person & it's refillable~~

    wmw: Anywhere that u can see, haha ^.^

    pris: Did u have this when u r at TW?

    foodbin: TW have so many street food,I hope all of them can get here~~

    thenomadgourmand: Before or after the "peak" hour should be fine I think~~

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