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Esquire Kitchen, a name synonyms to home-styled Sze Chuan and Shanghainese cuisine which coming a long way from a single restaurant in the 70s, Esquire Kitchen is now widely available with 15 outlets spread across the Klang Valley.



Was at Esquire Kitchen last week with a bunch of friends for a casual dinner and found that the refurbished restaurant now adopted an classic yet comfy home feel interior.






 Dark wooden furniture and comfortable booth seats with contrasting golden, black and red wall.


Ordering was a breeze as we opted to have their signature dishes and we certainly got off on the right foot with our decision!


 Tung Po Meat 东坡肉 (Regular ~RM 19.00++ & Large ~ RM 32.00++)



Flower Bun 花卷 (RM 3.60++ for 4pcs)



 The braised to perfection tender pork bellies with exquisite layers of fat were doused in brown savory gravy. The good flavors of the gravy had well infused into the meat, I can’t help myself but took piece after piece without thinking of my ongoing diet plan ~>_<~

Also a must order side dish to complement the Tung Po Meat was the Flower Bun. One can sandwich the juicy pork belly in between the fluffy and soft bun or use it to mop up the delicious gravy.



 Stir-Fried Chicken Paprika 宫保鸡丁 (Regular ~RM 19.00++ & Large ~ RM 25.00++)

Being one of my favurite “dai chow” dish, this Sze Chuan delicacy featured diced chicken fried with hot and spicy sauce topped with cashew nuts. The boneless chicken cubes were evenly coated with thick sauce with robust flavors which is definitely go well with white rice!



 Ma Po Bean Curd 麻婆豆腐 (Regular ~RM 14.00++ & Large ~ RM 18.00++)

Submerged in pungent sauce with minced meat, the tofu was affectionately smooth and silky~



 Pork Strip Sze Chuan Style 鱼香肉丝 (Regular ~RM 15.00++ & Large ~ RM 18.00++)

This was my first time try this dish which consisted of pork slices, shredded sweet turnip and black fungus, stir fried with an appetizing sourish sauce . It was easy to the palate and we polished off effortlessly.



Eggplant in Sze Chuan Style 鱼香茄子 (Regular ~RM 15.00++ & Large ~ RM 18.00++)

A non-spicy Sze Chuan dish of stir fried eggplant with minced pork, the flavor was light and I like the texture of the eggplant which was not too soft. Simple but nicely executed.


If you still have room for more food, do proceed to their Esquire Delights counter and I bet you will strike by the array of pastries in the display cabinet.



 Assorted pastries in various sizes and shapes, gleaming in a lovely golden hue.



 Santa Cake 西湖凉糕  (RM 1.80++)

My curiosity was perked when I found out the name of this dessert LOL. Originated from West Lake, Hangzhou, it has a texture very much like muachi (glutinous rice cake) with a filling of red bean paste. It can be served in room temperature or hot (steamed). Please be warned that this is one of their popular item, good luck!



 Kaya Puff (RM 1.80++)




 Siew Pao 烧包 (RM 1.80+)



 Hup Tou Sou 核桃酥 (RM 1.80++)



 Lou Po Biscuit老婆饼 (RM 1.80++)



 Meat Floss with Salted Egg Puff 肉丝咸蛋酥 (RM 3.80++)

Other than the pastries, I heard that their house made soy bean milk and Tau Foo Fah also worth a try but we were too full after the all the food and desserts. Next time maybe 🙂



 For those who working nearby, do try their set lunch too which I think is quite a wholesome meal include drink, mains and dessert. (Available on weekdays only)



 Esquire Kitchen also offer a good variety of breakfast set which is only available at Mid Valley Megamall outlet.


Verdict: A place suitable for family gathering especially with elderly because the dishes leaned towards a very home-cooked aura that their taste bud fond of. Also screaming for attention are the pastries, I believe they are a good tea break choice when you need to rest your tired leg after a whole day shopping in mall 🙂



  Esquire Kitchen
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