‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens @ Bangsar

‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens, the name itself already attract my attention as “F” always related to a bad word *ahem, you know what a mean I believe*, but lo and behold, don’t forget “F” also means “FUN”, “FOOD”, “FRIENDS” and so on….


‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens located above Chawan on the intersection between the two Bangsar Villages at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.



The flight of stairs leading up to the restaurant with “F” words written on each step.



Greeted by the open concept kitchen once we stepped into the restaurant.



The kitchen is helmed by Danish Chef Albert Frantzen and his team.



‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens is a concept restaurant by Buffalo cookware, so that’s explain the hanging pots and pans as part of the decoration 🙂






IMG_1594The restaurant features a main dining area with light wood dining tables, “library” area with comfy sofas and an al-fresco dining area.




The al-fesco dining area definitely a perfect spot for people watching and kicking back after a busy week at work.


Our exciting culinary adventure embarked with a smorgasbord of tapas named “F Tapas Set”


Almost occupied half of our table were an array of ‘F”s signatures tapas presented in a myriad of colours!


House made sour dough bread served warm, very compatible to go with any dipping and sauces 🙂



Clockwise from Left: Grilled Bell Peppers, Garlic Chips, Salted Almonds and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Smoked Duck with Apple Slices



Smoked Salmon

Both smoked duck and salmon are prepared by the kitchen team in house.



Japanese Beef Tataki

The beef tataki with pinkish centre had slightly crispy edges and succulent inner, even a non-raw-beef-lover like me enjoyed it immensely.



Tiger Prawns with Romesco Sauce

Grilled prawns were bouncy with hint of smoky flavor, went well with the nutty Romesco Sauce.



Mix Warm Vegetable Salad

Can I have the recipe please, chef? I love this warm grilled vegetables salad with vinaigrette especially when I get bored of my chilled vegetables 🙁



Pot of Oriental Steam Clams

Served in a steel pot, the fresh and plump clams were swimming in pool of broth redolent with assorted herbs and Chinese wine. The aroma of it was wafted to our table even before the dish was placed on it, definitely a food that had all of us nodding away in agreement.



Duo of Crabs


A deep fried breaded whole soft shell crab, normally soft shell crab is quite oily as frying is the preferred cooking style. However, the restaurant has managed to prepare it in surprisingly oil-free region, just the way a healthy diet demands. The crab cake was just mediocre though~



 Paired with our starters was  Anakena Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, smooth on the palate with a refreshing peachy finish.



 Palate cleanser ~ Lime & Mint Sorbet



Beef Tenderloin with Duck Fat Potatoes & Snow Peas

The thick chunk of beef tenderloin was beautifully prepared with a nice medium pinkish centre, crusty outer with tender and juicy  inner. Accompanied the meat were luscious foie gras, duck fat potatoes and snow pea, each of them has their own distinctive flavors but blended together in perfect harmony.



Oven Roasted Chicken Chestnut Roulade stuffed with Foie Gras, Shitake Mushroom & Velvet Mash Potatoes

What a long and complicated name! Don’t worry, it’s actually roasted rolled chicken thigh with a vibrant filling of Foie Gras, Shitake Mushroom & Mash Potatoes. I like the filling which had a pleasant earthy flavor however the texture of the chicken was slightly too coarse for me.



Cumin & Paprika Marinated Lamb Shank with Greens and Mash


Our next lamb shank dish was so attractive to the eyes for its humongous size. Placing on bed of mashed potato, the lamb shank was great in flavors but the texture however missed the mark. I expected to have a more tender piece of meat.



 Tandoori Chicken Burger


Served on a wooden chopping board was the high ensemble of toasted bun grilled Tandoori chicken, lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese. The chicken was alright, juiciness was retained but I barely can taste any Tandoori marinade in it 😛



Soft Shell Crab and Miso Carbonara

Drenched in sufficiently creamy sauce, not too thick & cloying, the classic carbonara with a tinge of saltiness from the miso definitely a brilliant idea to balance up the creaminess. Also embodied in was the taste from the ocean, generous amount of seafood such as clam, prawn, mussel, soft shell crab and sprinkled of bonito flakes.



Cuttlefish with Squid Ink Risotto

We were lucky that evening to try out the special risotto which not always available due to the availability of ingredients and the tedious preparation. The squid ink risotto was divinely created with prawn heads stock and paired with simple pan fried cuttlefishes and roasted cherry tomatoes. Definitely stimulate in flavors, what can I say but thumbs up for this!



Another wine we had that evening was DB Family Selection Shiraz Cabernet, a medium bodied wine with lingering blackcurrant flavour.


We were stuffed, but we still polished off clean the next 2 desserts as they are too hard to be resisted 😛


Chocolate Volcano with Vanilla Ice Cream

Well executed with crisp outer and molten centre.



Home made Tiramisu

I’m not a fan of this famaous Italian dessert but  I find myself digging in happily as the bitterness was mild and I like the creamy & silky smooth mascarpone cheese filling.


Some of the novelty coffee creations in their extensive beverage menu:-


Cafe Honey Melon (combination of coffee and tea), Good Day (combination of coffee and orange) & Cafe Watermelon (combination of coffee and watermelon)


Coffee came with pretty coffee art, using GaBee coffee beans from Taiwan 🙂 Not only visually stunning but decent in taste too according to my companions. (PS: I’m not a coffee drinker)


Kitty: Help!!!!!!!!! (Thank you Su Ting for the demonstration ^__*)


Verdict: I enjoyed the dining experience here, from the lovely food to the great relax  ambiance. One can also do their Buffalo pot and pan shopping here 😛


IMG_1557  ‘F’ Buffalo Kitchens
  69-1 Jalan Telawi 3
  Bangsar Baru
  59100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-22011710


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