Food Hunting @ Melaka ~ Putu Piring Tengkera, Soon Yen Kopitiam & Sun May Hiong Satay House

Getting to taste local delicacy, away from “tourist trap”, is one of the greatest perks doing a self-drive holiday. It is especially evident for us, Malaysian, who love food hunting.

I recently done my share of food hunting at historical Melaka.


My first hunt was this famous Putu Piring located at Jalan Tengkera. This place was already very popular judging from the vast media coverage spotted on the wall. The stall only open from 6pm onward until 10pm daily except Sundays. This place is said to be often thronged with people during the weekends, so do come earlier to avoid disappointment as the Putu Piring can be sold out before 10pm.



What’s a Putu Piring? It’s a steamed rice flour cake with Gula Melaka filling in the shape of a plate (piring). The Putu Piring is usually placed on a banana leaf with young grated coconut. It’s interesting to watch the workers churn out the pipping hot delicacy piece by piece.




Putu Piring (RM 1.10/ pcs)

Savor this while it is still warm and fluffy for the greatest satisfaction! Imagine a mouthful of warm rice flour confection studded with GENEROUS amount of half melted Gula Melaka filling accompanied by slightly salted shredded coconut, simply out of the world delicious stuff!



Putu Piring Tengkera

No. 252, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka.

Tel: +606-2821505

Business hours: 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Sundays)


Together with my partnes-in-crime, Jenn & Alice, we skipped the hotel’s breakfast and embark on a food hunting around the town.


First stop was this duck noodles stall nestled in Soon Yen Kopitiam located along Jalan Tengkera.




There are soup and dry version for the duck noodles. The noodle came with shredded braised duck meat, bean sprouts, chopped parsley and spring onion. The duck meat was nicely braised, tender with good notes of spices. While the soup was tasty as well with pleasant flavors of herbs, not too overpowering.

The dry version was drenched in thick gravy, the flavor was slightly heavier than the soupy version.



Side orders such as braised bean curd, braised egg and innard are available too.



First round of breakfast, done!



Beside the duck noodles, there are other stalls too selling western food, Chee Cheong Fun, and the above Nyonya Laksa which was decent in flavors.



Kedai Kopi & Makanan Soon Yen

596, Jalan Tengkera, Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka.


Satay breakfast? I was a bit skeptical when Jenn suggested this but I’m glad that we did it 🙂


Look at the serious grilling action greeted us at the entrance of Sun May Hiong Satay House.



Sun May Hiong is famous for serving one of the best the pork satay in Melaka. The setting of the restaurant is no-frills and simple, non-air-conditioned but airy and adequately equipped with wall fans.





We got ourselves the must have pork satay as well as some chicken and pork organs (intestines & liver) satay. The size of the meat was relatively smaller than than the usual but the taste was fabulous nonetheless. The meat was tender and adeptly marinated, full of smoky flavors after being charcoal grilled. There was not much fat bits on the skewer too which is quite commendable, at least for me 😛 Other accompaniments like ketupat (packed rice), cucumber, onions were served too.



What makes the satay more unique was this special satay dipping which made from pineapple! It was not spicy, has a good balance of sweetness and savory with hints of tangy end notes. This satay sauce definitely usually different but different is a good way!



Sun May Hiong Satay House

50/50A, Jalan Kota Laksamana, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka.

Tel: +606-2817281

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00am – 7.00pm


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